OXO tots! perfect for my boys.

This post was sponsored by Stonyfield and OXO. I was provided with free products to sample. All opinions are my own.



Parenting is something you learn as you go. There are no manuals on how to be the greatest parent. However, once you’re in it. You try to be the best parent, you possibly can be. I purchased many ‘unneeded’ items with my first born. Then when the boys came around, I did things different with them. Again, you learn as you go. I still catch myself doing things different with little Edward then I did with Asthon. I guess thats just part of maturing as a mother and an adult. 

Times keep on changing and so many new innovated items are invented and you can’t help but wonder, if that’s something you need in your life? am I right?

There are so many kid plates and sippy cups, water bottles. That sometimes it’s just overwhelming to even think about what brand of choice you want to go with. So here is my insight on these cute OXO tots items. 

Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover – like that it has a soft, flexible opening to give my  kids easy access to their goldfishes. It also comes with a cover to keep their yummies fresh (the cover goes right over and actually stays on) which is something I really like.

Divided Plate / Fork and Spoon – I love divided plates for my kids, especially for my son Asthon. He is such a organized kid. So these plates are awesome to put different foods (such as fruits, Stonyfield yogurt, veggies) on one same plate. I love the fork and spoon because they have a soft grip allowing them from sliding onto the plate.

Twist Top Water Bottle –  perfect for on the go, we take it to gym for the kids to sip on while at kids klub. It’s the perfect size for toddlers its also sturdy and easy to grab. 



We also received other goodies, that we had to pack away due our upcoming cross country move. Overall, we love our items from oxo. They are great quality perfect for kids, they can drop, kick these cups and plates and they are still good to go. They are items I would purchase again for myself and or friends with kids. 


Have you tried OXO tots products ? Which is your favorite ? 

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