Stonyfield Greek Yogurt – Whole Milk & Grass Fed

Our family is a huge fan of yogurt, but not just any yogurt. We love Stonyfield !! My kids love to eat it alone, I like to make treats with it, smoothies, I even substitute it for sour cream. Since I’ve changed my diet. We recently tried the Organic Greek Yogurt for the first time and WOW!!! We are all hooked! It has this rich, thick and smooth texture the flavors are amazing. Stonyfield is such overall amazing. They always seek for perfection and this yogurt shows it. 

Ashton loves yogurt !!

What I love about this yogurt is the fact that the flavor is kept on the side, it’s not mixed it. Giving you the option of adding a lot of flavor or just a bit. Also, you can always add on ingredients. I added some granola the other day, I needed a little crunch after my post workout. This satisfies my cravings and it’s such a great post workout snack. My kids are seriously hooked, they love the fact that, they can do it themselves. They think its something super fun, to open and mix.  

If you haven’t tried the Greek Yogurt yet, go grab yourself some.  I promise you will never go back to regular! 


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