Summertime Tips and Tricks for Cloth Diapers +
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It’s summertime! Everyone loves what summer stands for: enjoying beautiful weather, sunshine, warm nights around a campfire, swimming, sweet corn, watermelon, berry picking and staying up late catching fireflies. What else could make summer great?

Summertime is the best time to cloth diaper. The number one reason we love summer is because we live in the North and get limited sunlight the rest of the year. So, out comes the drying rack and many of our diapers soak up the UV rays to save on energy costs of using the dryer. It also helps the diaper last longer as there’s less wear and tear on the diaper when it’s not tumbling around in the dryer.

You can get creative with how to dry diapers in the sun. One of my other favorite ways to sun dry is to take bkpants hangers (the plastic kind with the clips you bring home when you buy clothes) and clip the diapers in them. This prevents diapers from blowing away on windy days and/or landing in dirt below your deck or yard (needing another wash)!

But did you know that the sun is a natural bleaching agent? So not only will it dry your diapers, but it will also bleach away stains, all by itself. You can actually do this with any of your laundry (anyone have EBF stains on a favorite baby outfit? Get that puppy in the sun!).

The trick to bleaching in the sun is that the diaper (or clothes) need to be clean and wet. So wash as usual, and then lay the diapers directly in the sun after pulling them out of the wash. It will naturally kill bacteria and get rid of smells as well. I’ve also put lemon juice on the wet diapers in the sun to get rid of hard stains, which I appreciate because it’s a natural stain remover.

Another way to save during the summer is to use a reusable swim diaper. Swim diapers are really just meant to keep in solids in case of an accident. Even the thin disposable swim diapers don’t hold much urine. You can save a good amount of money by purchasing one or two swim diapers and washing and reusing them versus buying packages of throwaway swim diapers. Our swim diaper is on its second child and is holding up really well! I’m thankful not to be adding 2-3 swim diapers to the trash every week that we play at the pool or out in the sprinkler.

I’m an ambassador for BabyKicks, and this month we got the exciting news that they are adding swim diapers to their lineup of products! The swim diaper is sized (small through XL), has snaps on one side, and a mesh/athletic lining on the inside. It’s an adorable anchor/marine print that is perfect for the water. And the price is $13.95 super reasonable.

We’re planning a week at the beach in a few weeks and I can’t wait to play in the sand with the kids and show off our adorable swim diapers. I hope you get a chance to try out a swim diaper and make great use of it this summer!

Who wants to win some fluff?? BabyKicks will be releasing their *NEW PRINTS* tomorrow and to celebrate they want to host a giveaway 2 winners!! Whoot Whoot !!

Open to US ONLY. Enter Below. 

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Blog Contributor :  Tiffany works from home and is a full-time mom to two beautiful boys, 2.5 and 1, with baby #3 expected in January. Cloth diapering was exactly what her firstborn with eczema needed,  and she’s never looked back. She’s passionate about reading, eating well, and being an informed parent in all things child-related.

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NEW BumGenius Prints !!

Sewfatty : NEW Bumgenius Prints you can buy them on

Sewfatty: Bumgenius New Prints so adorable. you can buy them at

Cottonbabies just released two new Genius Series NEW Bumgenius Prints !!! Aren’t they cute??

Irwin & Maathai

I will be buying lil & mini bam bam their pair of green diapers. I would love to take them both pictures in matching diapers. The girly one I would totally buy if it was like the lovelace but this is just a little too girly very beautiful though. I love new prints.

You can now purchase your very own on Cottonbabies Website.

What do you think about them? 

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Sunshine Hybrid Cloth Diaper Review


Hybrid Fitted’s are the “IT” thing right now in the cloth diapering world. If you don’t know what a Hybrid fitted is you might want to read my “What is a Hybrid Fitted”?

I had the opportunity to review Sunshine Cloth Diapers, Hybrid Pocket Fitted. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, as this was my first experience with a Hybrid Fitted.

Here is a note from the WAHM behind Sunshine Cloth Diapers :

Hey Sunshines!

This is Deja, here to share to story of how this business came to be! It all started with one little Sunshine, Jaylen. When I was introduced to cloth diapering I had a hard time finding the right diaper for my little Sunshine. A system of pocket diapers, and hybrids became my saving grace. I started wondering, I wonder how I can make this system better. With time , trial and error Sunshine Cloth Diapers was born! I have enjoyed making patterns that catered to the needs of my Sunshine, and that work well for others as well. Sharing my love of cloth diapering on Youtube, is where this journey started:

I love any and everything cloth diapering and have turned that passion into a small business!! 


I currently sell fabric, and notions/supplies to make diapers of your own!

Deja is currently going to nursing school and has stopped making diapers for now 🙂




Sunshine Hybrid Facts:

  • sunshine4One Size fits most.
  • 10lbs – 35lbs
  • Snap Closure
  • 3 snap rise
  • Outer fabric cotton knit inner fabric cotton velour
  • Encased elastic
  • Comes with a 5 layer of organic hemp fleece insert

Lil Bam Bam’s Stats:

  • 16 months old
  • 25 lbs.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heavy Wetter at night
  • Active baby

Fit: Bam Bam looks amazing in his new hybrid pocket fitted. It wraps arounds his legs nicely without any gaps (as you can see in the pictures below) we currently use it on the second snap row. You can’t really tell based on these pictures but this diaper is very trim, granted the insert is not very thick either, but due to it being a natural fiber hemp it is very absorbent. The fit on bam bam is amazing I love it.

Absorbency: I prepped my diaper pocket once and hemp insert twice before using. First day I put diaper on bam bam was at 9:08pm kept it on till 11:08pm due to him pooping that was still 2 good hrs of being a dry diaper. It was not damp at all, he was actually sitting on our coach no problem. (Something you really can’t do with a regular fitted). We also used at night with an extra booster and PUL cover and worked amazing, the diaper was soaked in the morning but that’s to be expected since it’s on all night. Also due to the fact that it’s a pocket you can stuff it as much as you need which is another plus. During the day we did not use a cover due to it having that extra layer of fleece, so we got to show off our super cute print.

Overall, Sunshine Cloth Diapers hybrid pocket fitted is currently one of my favorite diapers. It has become one that I reach for, and wish I had a few more to alternate. I love that they are breathatble, trim, cute prints, stretchy, adjustable, and of course my son looks adorable in them. The only downside to the cute prints is that it’s a knit cotton so the material is thin and I’ve been drying it in the dryer since I received it and there is now a couple holes around the edges 🙁 Also with the snaps you just have to be careful that you don’t pull to hard since it can potentially rip the fabric. Other then we love our hybrid fitted.



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