God Loves is Unconditional.

Dishes have been stacked for the last few days, loads of laundry need to be washed. The house has been upside down, this is just a small glimpse of what my house has looked like for the last past few days.

It’s been so crazy hectic, these past few weeks; days. I’ve had a house full of sick munchkins including hubby and myself.
Late nights have been a daily ritual for me. Running on 2-3 hours of sleep. Trying to catch up on all chores.

Any who, I don’t want to bore you, rather share my experience of what GOD put in my heart today.

As I was cleaning the kitchen his afternoon. Little Edward kept on taking everything out of the cabinets, he drop orange juice on the floor. Everything he could get his hands on, he was doing. I would put something away and he would go right back to taking it out. (l know what you’re thinking. “He is kid, let him be”) — but let me tell you.. He then took it upon his little self to grab my cupcake sprinkles from the kitchen
cubers and starts eating them. A handful of them. He decided to toss them all over the carpet. Do you have a visual yet ? I just walked away and massaged my head for a bit. I was frustrated at this point. At this very moment, I felt God was telling me “how do you think I feel when you disobey me?” Yet even then “I still love you, unconditionally”. Tears came falling down my cheeks, it was God’s way of telling me. Relax. Breathe.

Moral of the story is our chorus are NEVER-ENDING. SUCK IT UP. Hehe.. just kidding. In all seriousness though. No matter what our kids do, we will always love them unconditionally. Gods love for us, is also unconditional.
He loves us when we’re throwing tantrums, when we make the same mistakes over and over. I want you to know that GOD loves you, no matter what you’re going through no matter how you’re acting.

Hope my story helps you today.
God’s love is unfailing, unconditional. Remember that.

My little chicken nugget.


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