Sewfatty Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I am surrounded by pregnant woman. I love seeing all these super cute baby bumps, gives me something to look forward to {who doesn’t love, baby shopping}. Speaking from experience, when shopping for baby shower gifts. You always want to purchase, items that they either have on their registry or just going with the super important necessities. Here are some of my favorite items that are MUST HAVE’s. These make perfect baby shower gifts. 

  • Breastfeeing Starter Set: it’s perfect for those breastfeeing mamas. The baby kit includes everything you’ll need. Also, perfect gift for those moms that work and need to pump. 
  • Cloth Diapers: they are eco-friendly, reusable, better for babies bum not to mention super cute fluffy bums.
  • BalmBaby Diaper Balm: use this balm on everything from diaper rash, eczema, newborn skin, cradle cap, sunburns, bug bites & more! Cloth Diaper Safe, Organic, Vegan & 100% NATURAL! 
  • BalmBaby Nipple Soother: for all my breastfeeding mamas, this balm is amazing. I used it while breastfeeding. Worked miracles, no need to wipe clean before nursing your hungry little babies. It’s all natural its great. 
  • Travel Bottle: (if breastfeeding) you won’t need this, but if you’re using formula or regular milk, this is amazing. My son loves a warm milk, he will not drink his milk unless its warm. So this for me, would be a total must have.
  • Bottles: Tommee Tippee bottles are the BEST. I don’t know how many bottles I went through until I found TT. They are simply amazing, they are small compact, easy to hold and easy to clean. I love these bottles so much. I totally recommend these for all parents.
  • Tommee Tippee Gift Sets:  These baby gifts are perfectly presented in their own special gift boxes. So there’s no hassle and no need to wrap. All you need to do is write your special message to mom and baby! How amazing are these ?

Tommee Tippee Gift Set

Here are a few of my favorite baby shower gifts, that are a total MUST HAVE to me. Hope they help you out, in choosing a baby shower gift for special parents to be. 

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First-time Parents? Avoid these mistakes

First-time parent? Avoid these mistakes

As a first-time parent, you are bound to make a number of mistakes, and some of them cannot be prevented. However, if you take extra care, you can keep most of your issues at bay.

How can you do that? Well, if you know about the common mistakes, you can certainly try to avoid it.So, we have listed some of them. Have a look at it and if you are making these mistakes, try to avoid it at the earliest.


 Well, you don’t need to panic over anything and everything. This is difficult, but you need to stay calm when your baby vomits or spits. Some parents are worried even when their babies have an irregular bowel movement. If not this, then you are definitely worried about your baby eating too less or crying too much. Yes, you need to be cautious but worrying too much; you will spoil the entire year worrying about those little things. The first year should be enjoyed. Every day should be enjoyed like it is his/ her birthday. So, stop panicking and start enjoying. TIP: Take your child for regular check-ups and you can be satisfied that your baby is sound and healthy. If needed, look out for guides that can help you ease your first-year worries. When buying it, apply coupon for

Wake up baby to breastfeed them
Let’s be straight. If you are under the misconception that you need to wake them up in the middle of the night and breastfeed them, then kick that thought out of your mind. Breastfed babies can sleep comfortably throughout the night. So, don’t wake them up in the middle of the night. Sleep comfortably, and let them sleep too. In case, they wake up in the middle of the night, you can use a sleep soother and put them to sleep. Before buying it, use this overstock promo code.

Don’t fight too much in front of your baby
If you fight with your spouse or other members in the family in front of the baby, your baby will pick up vibes and his/ her habits will be formed on the basis of these interactions. So, while fighting with someone, look at the intensity and imagine the consequences.

Your advisory source
As a first-time parent, there will be a number of advices you will hear from almost everyone who greets you or your baby. So, it is important to use your mind and accept advice from trusted sources only. For example, if you think that the lady with one child can give you a better advice than the lady with four kids, then use the former’s tips and stay happy.

While taking care of your baby, as a first-time parent, you will have to face a number of issues. However, if you are ready for it, you can be sure that there will be no real issues later on. Note: If you need to purchase baby products, find some coupons and use it effectively.

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My Personal Tips for a New or Expecting First Time Parents. #tommeetippee

It feels like just a few months ago, I was having my little Edward. He is now, 20 months old yet it feels so fresh in my mind still. He was my happy surprise baby, we were not trying at all to get pregnant. God already knew what he had in store for us. Super excited, we were to add another baby to our little family. I just wasn’t sure,  how my life would be with my little Ashton and Edward together they are 16 months apart. Was I going to catch a break? Was I going to get enough sleep? All these questions would run through my head. Three kids later, and i’m still learning as I go. However, I do have some tips to share with you. 

1. DONT try to be Super Woman/Dad – We are parents and we want to do it all, (Clean, laundry, cook, shower, bake cookies)  God gave us that will, but you will burn yourself out and not be happy. (Trust, I’ve done it). Take it one day at time. If you see that your dishes are piling up, don’t sweat it. As long as you’re still able to walk in there, you should be fine. lol 🙂 in all honesty though chorus are never-ending. 

 2. Sleep when baby Sleeps – The nurses at the hospital and my mother would tell me this. I of course, didn’t listen and like I said in tip 1. You will burn yourself. Your baby needs you to be 100% as well as your spouse. Have you all ever heard of that saying? “If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy”? I live by that moto, its so true. So rest, please rest. You need it. 

3. Help Please – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether its a close friend coming over to do your laundry or you’re needing to take a quick shower and need to call your mother-in-law over. Don’t feel  bad for asking or getting help. More then likely they know how you are feeling without you saying anything. So, just embrace it and take advantage of it. 

4. Baby Necessities – Having the right baby essentials is key. I tried so many bottles, before finding the right one. Tommee Tippee bottles are, our go to bottles and sippys. If you’re breastfeeding then you may love their breast pump, or if bottle feeding you for sure will love their “Baby Keurig and Bottles“. The baby keurig is pretty amazing for first time parents, it makes baby bottles for you, you really can’t screw it up. Bottles are small and easy to hold, and have a soft nipple. Overall making them the best bottle to date for us. 

5. Enjoy the moments – “The days are long but the years are short” enjoy every single moment with them. Cherish these moments for once they are older, they will be gone doing their own thing. So enjoy them. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 


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