Back to School – Adry starts 5 grade.


I can’t believe that my beautify munchkin is now a 5th grader. Where does the time go? – like seriously. She is super excited to start school, we are now living in Pennsylvania and this will be her first full year. This time of the year is so beautiful here, it’s a bit hot some days and then it gets really nice and fresh some other days. We’ve never lived in a place where we get to enjoy all the season. Winter is San Diego, CA just means it’s cooler than other days. However, it doesn’t snow (unless you go to big bear) but thats about it. So, we are super excited to experience our first snow of the year. We’re hoping to get snow on Christmas Day. How awesome would that be. 

Alright. Back to School. Adryana asked if I could pack her lunch again, once school started; like when we lived in Texas (bento). I said sure. We were blessed to have the awesome opportunity to work with Pack It and Justin’s.

Have y’all heard about them ?? They are both AWESOME! 

So let me tell you more about Adryana’s lunch bag. First of all. The entire bag is freezable. Yup! thats right. We place it in the freezer over night and by the morning, its good to go. Another awesome feature that we love, is that it collapses down making it easy to store or place in freezer. A few days before we received Pack It lunch bag. I sent my daughter to school with another lunch bag that required me to put a super thick ice pack, taking up a lot of room for her actual lunch. We got rid of this method and ONLY use this lunch box, because it makes a world of difference. I love that its also upright so her lunch doesn’t get messed up, or spill. It keeps lunch cold up to 10 hrs and she loves her lunch bag. Makes me happy to see her happy. You know! 

We also love love Justin’s. The PB that you can just eat on the go. You don’t even need bread. like. for reals. Adryana likes to pack her PB for school, I like to carry some in my purse. That way when we’re out and about and I need some protein. I have it on me. Justin’s seriously has some of the best snacks, like the Pretzels Snack Pack!! Oh so yummy!! These are just a few back to school goodies we love. We hope this was useful for you, to check out these two amazing companies. They make our life a little easier and yummier. 



Aery's Lunch Box

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My breastfeeding story.

Happy Breastfeeding Month!! 

All you mommy’s out there, you’re doing a great job!

I feel so blessed to be able to share my breastfeeding story with all you moms out there.

A little background story.

After having my first-born Adryana and being able to successfully nurse her. I wanted to do the same with my little Ashton. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. Due to not latching on from birth and my nipples getting sore and ended up with an infection. I also blame myself for not doing more research on this; I wished I ‘d learned more about it. For some reason with my first born, the breastfeeding came easy, my milk was leaking while at the hospital and with the boys that wasn’t the case. Third time around with little Edward, I wanted to be able to successfully breastfeed him from the very beginning and do my very best.

So in effort to accomplish this, my hubby bought me my Tommee Tippee pump and go. I’ve never used one before so it was totally new to me. I ate lactating cookies, teas to keep my milk supply up.

The pump and go, was such a huge help. I was able to pump milk while baby slept {we all know they engorge while baby is not eating and its hurts so much and I didn’t want to end up with a clogged milk duct} so I pumped away. The best part of it is that I was able to take it on anywhere we went.

I felt and feel like such an accomplished mom, something I thought I could never do, and here I am beating the odds and telling you my story. I was able to breastfeed my little Edward, for a year and a few weeks. Those moments with my son, I will always cherish, and still till this day. He will put his hand between my boobs and fall asleep, not sure when that will stop. He is now 3 years old, but I will cherish those moments for they will only last for a short time. Enjoy your breastfeeding moment’s moms. They are beautiful memories.



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Red, White and Blue

4th Of July.

Military life is not always easy, some days are better than others. I love when we go out and about to a retail store, flower store, restaurant, amusement parks and we ask ” do you offer military discount” and their response is “of course we do”. There are no words to describe how amazing that feels. It’s not just the discount that is amazing of course, however the significance behind the discount. Which to us means that the store, company, restaurants supports our Troops.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see the appreciation and just so much love. I think thats the best part of my hubby’s job is making people smile and I could say the same thing for my brother. That being said, FTD and USO teamed up and are offering a USO Collection flower arrangement along with a few other cute arrangements. Now through 12/31/2016 FTD will be donating 5% of all sales from this collection to the USO. How amazing is that??

The USO is AMAZING!! Here is a little of what they do and offer.

“Today’s USO continuously adapts to the needs of our men and women in uniform and their families, so they can focus on their very important mission. We operate USO centers at or near military installations across the United States and throughout the world, including in combat zones, and even un-staffed USO service sites in places too dangerous for anyone but combat troops to occupy.

USO airport centers throughout the country offer around-the clock hospitality for traveling service members and their families. Our trademark USO tours bring America and its celebrities to service members who are assigned far from home, to entertain them and convey the support of the nation. And our many specialized programs offer a continuum support to service members throughout their journey of service, from the first time they don the uniform until they last time they take it off. “

We’ve used the USO plenty of times. We have visited the USO centers at the airports as well as in port. Such as San Diego, CA. They are always offering dinners and activities for your service members and their families. The USO has been very good to us, not to mention everyone around the world using these services. 

If you’d like to contribute, then please grab yourself and your mom, cousin, girlfriend one of these amazing arrangements and help our Troops. Shop the USO Collection

Huge!!! Thanks to all those who support our US Military and a HUGE thanks to FTD for sending my mother this beautiful arrangement!! God Bless You. 


♥ a military wife & sister


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