Loving our Beautiful Melody Designs Shirts

Beautiful Melody Designs Toddler Shirts

I mean seriously? I can’t even handle my kid’s cuteness. They are sporting his new “Wake up and Live” shirt by Beautiful Melody Designs. I discovered this shop on Instagram. Here is a little more on the mama behind BMD’s 

Hello. I’m Chantal, mother of two rambunctious littles, future wife and owner/operator of Beautiful Melody Designs where I block print awesome threads completely by hand. From drawing each design to carving/inking the stamp and printing each item the whole process is done using my mama hands in my tiny, in-home, Northern Idaho studio. I’ve got a 2.5 year old baby girl, Aria and a 10 month old boy Lyric who keep me on my toes all day long. As soon as nap time arrives each day, I hit the studio to work. I love creating these designs and the reward of seeing sweet babes everywhere rock my threads is greater than I ever could’ve imagined!

I’m seriously ‘IN LOVE’ with our new shirts they are stylish, comfy, affordable and handmade with love. Ashton is wearing is a v-neck shirt which makes him look like a mini-man. We paired our shirt with cargo pants and some Freshly Picked Moccs another favorite. 

Beautiful Melody Designs Toddler Shirts

We got ton of  stares and compliments at the store and the park. The meaning behind “Wake up and Live” for me, is so much more then just words. My dad was recently in a huge truck accident. The accident hit me hard, it made me realize that everyday is a new day, everyday is a blessing, everyday is gift that we sometimes take for granted. So, wake up and live and be Happy. I want my kids to know that life is not always easy, but with GOD on our side nothing is impossible so wake up and live. For he has promised us joy in the morning. These shirt’s are exactly, how I’ve been feeling these days and I just want to thank you Chantal for bringing it to light with these beautiful creations handmade with love by you. 

Beautiful Melody Designs Toddler Shirts

I love buying handmade, not only is the product done by someone’s hands and with love but done by someone that is trying to support their family. So please think about buying Handmade next time you want to buy you’re little ones some shirts {or anything else for that matter}. I highly recommend Beautiful Melody Designs. I plan on buying her “Three Little Birds” shirt in an Adult size coming soon. 

Beautiful Melody Designs Toddler Shirts

FREE SHIPPING June 26- 29th

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I love our Freshly Picked Moccasins


I’m so in love with our Freshly Picked Moccasin, that i’m not sure where to start. There is so much to say about them. So let me just start off by saying, I’ve followed Susan Petersen for a while on Instagram and it’s so amazing to see her progress. If you have not read her story be sure to check it out HERE. It’s pretty inspiring and just get’s you thinking. That if, there is anything in life you want to do, YOU CAN. Susan proved it. 

It was love at first sight with our Freshly Picked Moccasins. As soon as I opened my box, I seen this beautiful bag with the mcc
Freshly Picked Logo and a pin with of course these beauties. WOW!! totally impressed the leather is soft yet super sturdy the way the elastic works is awesome; making it easy for toddlers to, put on there Moccs all on their own. They have the FP logo stamped on the bottom of the leather.  These Moccs are flawless and so well made. I was and am completely hooked. These Moccs are $60. I have to admit, that at first I thought ‘Oh, man that’s a bit over my budget’ – but once I had them in my hand’s. I then understood, that they were worth every single penny.

Ashton my little bam bam has fallen in love with his Moccs. He, is always so excited for the final result. You know, to see the Moccs on his feet. So that he can say “I did it”. It’s the sweetest thing ever. As I said before Freshly Picked Moccs are so easy to put on that I had to film my son putting them on, so that you all may see – just how easy it is. Also, pay attention at, how excited he is – this is ALL THE TIME TOO, BY THE WAY.

  My son Edward, whom is 1 years old is currently learning to walk. Freshly Picked Moccs are so perfect for beginning walkers; because of their soft sole. It gives your babies the feel of the floor, but their feet are protected by the Moccs. As a mom, we learn things along the way. After having three kids, I learned that the $30-$50 dollar “soft shoe” wasn’t so soft and was actually hard for my little ones to walk in. They tripped a lot of the time. Freshly Picked Moccasins can be used for itty babies, walking babies and my big boy toddler. We use them everywhere we go. 

I had some mom’s ask.

“How about if there is glass on the floor or a nail goes through the leather”? I answered. 

“We are not going off roading with them 🙂 these Moccs are pretty sturdy and thick enough to protect their feet” and I’ve personally had a nail go through a shoe sole, so to say that if I wear regular shoes ‘I’m protected’ is not true. 

To me, Freshly Picked Moccasins are stylish, modern, great quality, comfy and most importantly my son’s love them. My son Ashton is always so eager to take his “teeny shoes”off, as soon as we enter our home. After he does, his feet are normally sweaty. With FP Moccs, he has fallen asleep with them, and his feet are NEVER sweaty.  They are just all around comfy and AWESOME. In fact, so awesome that I had to get Ashton another pair, so we went with the Prince George. I also bough some USED FP mocks on Instagram from a super sweet mama for little Edward. So I can honestly say, that even when FP mocks have been used. They still look and feel amazing. Let me show you. The red ones are the used ones, you can see the bottom leather has imprints on them, even like this – FP moccs DO NOT have any rips on them and the elastic still works amazing. I am forever in love with Freshly Picked Moccs. 

Also, I should mention that NEW Moccasins are the same. There is no LEFT & RIGHT you will know which is which after wear. (To me is the cutest thing ever). Notice it on this photo. Not sure what size to get? Click HERE you can either measure their foot or print out the sizing sheet. **NOTE : I love the eco-friendlyness of that. 


As you can see my little models were excited about their photo shoot 🙂 



Ashton was debating on which ones he then wanted to wear 🙂 

whicon DSC_1564




That being said. I highly recommend Freshly Picked Moccasins, I will never buy any others. We are a Freshly Picked FamBam. Thank you to Susan and Freshly Picked Gang for being awesome. 

Go get your munchkins some Freshly Picked Moccasins. Promise you will not be disappointed. 

Would you like to win a pair for your little one??



Congrats to the WINNER: Lupita Sanchez 
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Happy Birthday Ashton

Happy Birthday Papi !!



You are 2 years old. Wow, where has the time went. Its so amazing to see you growing each and everyday. You bring so much joy and happiness to our hearts. You are such a loving, caring, crazy, energetic, random little kid. Daddy and I totally planned you and God granted our wish, by giving us YOU. We were in such a hard time in our lives, that it was YOU that made it better. You joined daddy and I and I am forever grateful, to GOD for giving us YOU !! 

Nick names: Papi, Ganga, bam bam, son

Favorite Foods: You are super picky with your food, you are, our little vegetarian. You love all things fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes), you LOVE fries.

Words you say: HI!!!, dad, sissy, brotha, mama, I go, no no no no, Dora, daddy, ah go ??, yum yum and some other random things 🙂 

Haircuts: up to this point you’ve only had 2 hair cuts so far, and the only reason we took you to get a trim was because your hair was bothering you, but we want to leave your hair as is because its just so beautiful and epic. You can choose when you want to cut it. 

Things you love: Cars, dora, big legos you are a organized little kid. You line up all your toys in a row, doenst matter what they are. You will still line them up. I think your getting into your terrible 2’s because your getting a little attitude these days. You love blowing us kisses, and if we don’t blow you a kiss back you get mad and frown your face >:( you enjoy your sissy’s company and you love to play with her. When daddy comes home from work, you run up to him and give him besitos and say “daddddd” its the cutest thing ever.

Where do we live? we currently live in Kingsville, Texas. We are stationed here with daddy for the time being, but will be moving within the next few months to who knows where? we are not sure just yet. We have been here for almost 3 years now. It’s a super small town and nothing really to do, but it’s grown on us and the fact that you and brother were born here. It has a special place in my heart.

Daddy, Sissy, Brother and I love you to the moon and back Papi. Enjoying you in the moment and making memories. 




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