Back to School – Adry starts 5 grade.


I can’t believe that my beautify munchkin is now a 5th grader. Where does the time go? – like seriously. She is super excited to start school, we are now living in Pennsylvania and this will be her first full year. This time of the year is so beautiful here, it’s a bit hot some days and then it gets really nice and fresh some other days. We’ve never lived in a place where we get to enjoy all the season. Winter is San Diego, CA just means it’s cooler than other days. However, it doesn’t snow (unless you go to big bear) but thats about it. So, we are super excited to experience our first snow of the year. We’re hoping to get snow on Christmas Day. How awesome would that be. 

Alright. Back to School. Adryana asked if I could pack her lunch again, once school started; like when we lived in Texas (bento). I said sure. We were blessed to have the awesome opportunity to work with Pack It and Justin’s.

Have y’all heard about them ?? They are both AWESOME! 

So let me tell you more about Adryana’s lunch bag. First of all. The entire bag is freezable. Yup! thats right. We place it in the freezer over night and by the morning, its good to go. Another awesome feature that we love, is that it collapses down making it easy to store or place in freezer. A few days before we received Pack It lunch bag. I sent my daughter to school with another lunch bag that required me to put a super thick ice pack, taking up a lot of room for her actual lunch. We got rid of this method and ONLY use this lunch box, because it makes a world of difference. I love that its also upright so her lunch doesn’t get messed up, or spill. It keeps lunch cold up to 10 hrs and she loves her lunch bag. Makes me happy to see her happy. You know! 

We also love love Justin’s. The PB that you can just eat on the go. You don’t even need bread. like. for reals. Adryana likes to pack her PB for school, I like to carry some in my purse. That way when we’re out and about and I need some protein. I have it on me. Justin’s seriously has some of the best snacks, like the Pretzels Snack Pack!! Oh so yummy!! These are just a few back to school goodies we love. We hope this was useful for you, to check out these two amazing companies. They make our life a little easier and yummier. 



Aery's Lunch Box

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Summer fun with Goodbyn


Summer Fun with Goodbyn

Summer is all about picnics and fun in the sun. Since we now live in San Diego, CA. Everyday is beautiful, hubby is currently deployed. I try and find ways to keep the kids busy, so that, they may not be so focused on – Daddy not being home. 

Summer Fun with Goodbyn

Thought it would be a good idea to have mini picnic outside. Perfect way to see the sunset, and what better way, then withSummer Fun with Goodbyn our Goodbyn gear. I was sent the Goodbyn Bynto/ Snacks/Ice Pack/Water Bottle/Stickers/lunch bag. Goodbyn offers different sizes containers as well as awesome bright colors to choose from. Here is a a little bit more about Goodbyn.

Goodbyn is a small company in Naperville, Illinois who had a little idea to reinvent the way kids eat lunch—making lunchtime easier, more inspiring and fun for both kids and parents. 

Goodbyn Bynto’s has three-compartment design allows for easy lunch-making 
and even easier access to food at lunch time. The Goodbyn Snacks has two compartments in which you can use for dips, or fruit, options are endless. The water bottle is so perfect for toddlers and even grade students. The lunch bag is big, which impressed me. I didn’t think it would fit everything, but much to my surprise, it did. Goodbyn has No BPAs or phthalates, Lead-Safe, FDA-approved materials

Summer Fun with Goodbyn Overall, I am completely in love with our Goodbyn gear. Great quality, affordable price (one of my main concerns), long lasting, dishwasher safe and kids approved. Tomorrow we will be adding the cool stickers to our bynto and snacks container. Most importantly super cool and so versatile. 

Mom’s & Dad’s YOU NEED, some Goodbyn gear in your kitchen cupboards. Go get yourself some… or wait for it …wait for it.. You too can win the exact kit I received. 


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Picnic’s are Fun & Yummy

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own.

It’s so nice to be back in a state that you can enjoy the beautiful weather. San Diego’s weather is so beautiful this time of year. It makes Picnic’s fun and relaxing. Hubby is out on his first underway, so I figured it would be a good idea to take them out to our balcony and let them have some fun.


I don’t know about you? But, we love peanut butter. I was playing around with different ingredients I had in my refrigerator, not really knowing what the outcome would be. Much to my surprise, it actually came out delicious. It’s makes a great dip for bananas, apples, strawberries, even chips.

PBYo Dip
Peanut Butter & Greek Yogurt Dip
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  1. 6 oz Stonyfield Organic LowFat Plain Yogurt
  2. 1 tbsp Organic Peanut Butter or PB2 {you can add a little more if you'd like }
  3. 1 tbsp Organic Honey
  4. 1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  5. ** My kids also love raisins, so I added a little of raisins to my mix **
  1. Put all your ingredients in a bowl
  2. Mix them all together
  3. ENJOY!!!
  4. You're totally Welcome.

This dip makes the perfect combo with our favorite fruits. It was such a delicious snack and so perfect for our little picnic. Now go make some, it’s super easy. Please be sure to come back and let me know what you think?? These are my little ones



 What are some of your favorite food’s to pack for picnics ?? 

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