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Summer time is here ! 

As some of you may know, we recently moved cross country from California to Pennsylvania. (more to come on this topic)

We’ve been enjoying ourselves and exploring more of PA and surrounding areas, little by little. I recently discovered the travelers notebook, and just writing down all of our life experiences on this amazing book that i’ve been carrying around everywhere we go – because you never know what new things you’ll find or want to write down. However, I needed a tote or bag to carry it around along with stamp and other accessories… that’s where Mangham Made came along and made my life a bit love you more colorful and organized. Here is a little bit about Karen. 

Hi! I’m Karen! I started sewing as a hobby while waiting for my husband to come home from work and to make things for my children. I worked in a corporate office until my son was born. After a year staying at home I decided to open an etsy shop! I opened my shop this year and it’s been such a rewarding experience.

I live in the mountains of Utah with my husband and my two littles! I’m a stay at home mom by day and stay up all night sewing for this small business and I love every minute!

Karen sent me her adorable Tote purse. There are so many reasons why to love this tote. It has the faux  vegan leather bottom to keep the bag nice and firm, and easy to wipe if you so happen to place it on the floor or get it dirty. The straps are a good size to where you can handhold it or wear it over the shoulder. It’s really roomy to use for just about anything (crafty materials, mommy bag, picnic bag). It’s constructed well and made with lot’s of love. The hardest part is choosing the fabric of your choice. Mangham Made Tote

I also received an adorable wristlet. What I love about the wristlet is that I can put my debit card, money, cell phone and take it on the go quickly without having to take a big bag or I can use it inside my tote as a add on. Mangham Made is known for her cute little bows on the zipper part of the pouch adding an adorable look to all her pouches. The wristlet also has the faux leather which is something I absolutely love because I always tend to dirty the bottom of my pouches before anything else. Mangham Made Wristlet Lastly, I recently bought my daughter and I. The Mangham Made mini pouch. It’s so stinkin adorable. It’s small and cute and perfect addition to add to any purse or tote. Don’t you just love the boba 🙂 Mangham MiniI have a pouch addiction. I really do and I realize that. #sorrynotsorry 

So,  if you haven’t checked out Mangham Made Etsy shop yet. You must, Karen is amazing and her handmade pouches are adorable. I promise you won’t regret it. Also, be sure to check her out on Instagram she plays this super fun trivia game on Monday’s. 


You’ll also have a chance to win one of these cute Sunglass Case !! 

Giveaway coming soon… but mean while be sure to follow Mangham Made over on IG.



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Staying organized with my FiloFax

As many of you may know. We will be moving duty stations very soon. Unlike the small town we currently live in, San Diego lifestyle is a bit more On-The-Go. I’ve noticed that many things I’ve been needing to do or get done, have not been because

1. I have three kids whom, are always needing my attention

2. If I don’t write it down, it’s not going to get done because more than likely I’ll forget

3. There is just too much going on at the same time to remember.

Do you know what I mean? 

So, I decide to make my life a bit more easy on myself. I needed to get Organized – but wait ?

How do you do that ? Filofax ladies and gentlemen. Here is a little more about their company and what they stand for. 

Filofax actually comes from the name having derived from the description “file of facts”. (Aint that the truth; we keep these files of our personal facts). These organizers are like nothing I’ve ever seen, at regular retail store. The leather is beautiful and smells so good. (not like in a weird way though). Filofax strives to be Environmentally Responsible (which is a HUGE Plus for me) by covering all areas of the brand from the design sourcing the manufacture of the products to the working conditions in the suppliers factories. They’re paper are sourced from mills that obtain wood related raw materials from well-managed sources, NO CHEMICALS are used in the manufacture of Filofax products. All leathers used in Filofax products are a by-product of the food industry. They’re looking at every aspect of being environmentally friendly. I Love this. 

Now let me show you what the Filofax fuss, is all about. I mean, Seriously this planner is a total beauty. This is The Original – Yellow with a beautiful features of a  bespoke button on the leather strap closure.Stay organized with a FiloFax

On the Left it has two credit card pockets,  one vertical slip pocket, one multifunctional elastic holder. Also has the Filofax stamp detailing. (You can use to place your pens and sticky notes on the side) 

Stay organized with a FiloFax

Your planner will also come with these inserts and dividers.( transparent flyleaf, week on 2 pages diary – 5 language, ruler-page marker – black, to do in – 5 languages, pink ruled paper, beige ruled paper, yellow ruled paper, blue ruled paper, lavender ruled paper, name address and numbers – 5 language, indices, transparent envelope – top opening) You an also purchase extras. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax On the right hand side it has one jot pad pocket, one vertical slip pocket. You can use this awesome Filofax notepad or any other. Remember its YOUR planner. The things you can to do it, are endless. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax Measures : 235mm in height| 191mm in width |55mm in-depth. The Leather Strap with the branded popper and color matching gel finish cap is a beautiful finish to this planner it makes it really stand out. It’s one of my favorite things of my planner along with the stamped f on the side (as shown on this picture below)  Filofax also has mini matching keyring – which I really want. I mean Seriously  can you imagine a mini size of this? super cute right? 

Stay organized with a FiloFax Overall, I absolutely love my Original Filofax. It’s everything I wanted and then some. It’s helped me stay organized and on top of things. It’s written down, so I don’t forget. It’s really has helped me manage my time wisely.  Everyday I look forward to accomplishing my to do’s that I have for the day. So THANK YOU so much FiloFax, you’ve changed my life literally – for the best. Since I have my life back on track, I needed another filofax for my part time job with BalmBaby as a Social Media person. So my awesome bosses sent me a FiloFax Classic Pocket. This little planner is also pretty amazing as well. As you can see, this is just the start of a filofax addiction. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax

I love these beauties. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax



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Loving my JetPens

I love My JetPens. Enter to win some

So, I was recently checking my Instagram feed and came across a beautiful planner. I asked a few questions, after a bit of researching. I made planning a new hobby – like I don’t already have tons to do. Not only because it’s fun, but also because I need organization in my life and I really need to plan out my day. So that I can accomplish all that needs get done. So I received my planner and will start planning out my day –  that being said I need some awesome pens to write down all my to do’s. 

So the awesome peeps over at JetPens, sent over some super awesome pens/pencils. Let me tell you more about each one. 

I love My JetPens. Enter to win some

Coleto: (Purple Ink)I used the 0.4 size pen. Aesthetically, they are pretty simple. They have a rubber strip at the bottom of the pen to make gripping easier and bit more comfortable. The ink flow is pretty good it worked consistent with me. However I do want to try the 0.5. I love that it’s three inks in one. The popping of the top is not as sturdy as I would like it but it’s still good, they are definitely affordable which is a plus. How to add your Coleto Ink Refills mini video.

 Staedtler Triplus Fineliners: (Blue Ink)0.3 tips they are firm, but not hard. The triangle shape makes them look cool (in my opinion). I tested them on regular white paper and on my filofax paper. I am pleased to say that these pens did not bleed through, which was a huge plus for me. I am impressed by the durability of these pens I left one out for a little more then 30 minutes and I came back to it. It was still working amazing. If you are looking to write with a fine (marker type pen) this is the pen for you.  
Zebra Fullst Shaker Pencil: (pencil) 0.5 lead point. This mechanical pencil is amazing. It has a shaker feature, you shake it and the lead comes out. It comes in super cute colors. It has a rubber grip at the bottom to make gripping easier and comfortable. It writes awesome, it’s a bit thicker then other pencils but I love that. Overall I love this lead pencil. 
JetPens is dedicated to providing unique, high-quality writing instruments and stationery products with fast shipping and top-notch service. They carry many hard to find products that you can only buy through them. I worked with Elaine and she has been totally fabulous. Not to mention they offer FREE SHIPPING over $25. Overall, I am super happy I found JetPens, their selection of stationary products is amazing, their site is easy to navigate (user friendly). Customer Service is Excellent and the selections are endless and affordable. What more can you ask for? They are simply amazing.  I love JetPens, and cannot wait to place an order for more awesome pens and pencils.
Pollyannas Planner Pack
But wait!!  JetPens is being so generous and is giving away my
“Pollyanna’s Planner Pack” How awesome are they?? 
Get Connected with JetPens 
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