My Cloth Diaper Stash


Are you all wondering what cloth diapers I currently have in my stash ?? Here they are these are also our rotation diapers. I have more diapers that I am not fond of and did not add them to this stash shot. I started my stash with bum genius cloth diapers and they still continue to be some of my favorites, as well as my new found love of Ragababes everything I have below is what I love and has worked for us.

The diapers that are being reviewed and I cant say much yet but will update this after.

21 – BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers

2- Smartipants one size

1- Fuzzinbunz Elite One size


2- Ragababe Lime AIO

1- Ragababe Watercolors Medium AIO

1- Ragababe Watercolors Large AIO


1- Ragababe Lime 2-step size 1
1- Ragababe Camo 2-Step size 1
1 Ragababe Green Fade 2-step Size 2

1- Ragababe Camo 2-Step Size 2

1- Ragababe Squiggles 2-Step Size 2

1- Ragababe 2-Face Red 2-Step Size 2


2- Megaroos Midrange Extended Tab Prefolds

2- Megaroos Large Extended


4- Thirsties Duo Covers

4- Swaddlebees Capri Cover

1- Zookiescrafts Cover

1- Bummis Super Lite Wrap

Current Reviews
Little Comfort fitted
Bamboozles Fitted
Smart Bottoms AIO one size

*This does not include my newborn stash I’m currently working on for ‘lil edward’ 🙂 and some flats and prefolds that I don’t use much, just have them for emergency.


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