A little update on my life.

Life has been a bit hectic, tiresome to say the least. Having two little ones so close in age has taken its tole on me. Too much to do and so little time or no time to do it. I’ve also been trying to lose weight, which is a challenge of its own, trying to coordinate feedings and work outs around Adryana’s school time is hard work. Not to mention once I’m ready and totally into my work out little Edward gets fussy. Which totally sucks because I’m really into it and well he is a baby ‘what do I expect’?? Right ??  I know, trust me – I get it. It’s just a battle I’ve been having to deal with lately. 

Also, our time here in Texas will be coming to an end. My husband will be transitioning back to ‘Sea Duty’ meaning we will be stationed near the ocean and deployments will be on their way. So, we will slowing get things ready to move. It’s going to happen  within the next 4 months, a bit stressful,  but we gotta roll with the punches. 

Am I the only one that feels, like they just can’t catch a break ??

Through it all, I’ve learned to lean on GOD. I get so caught up in my “wants” that i sometimes don’t  see the bigger picture. GOD opened my eyes and just told me to take it easy. Right now my duties are taking care of our little munchkins, once they get a bit older, I will have more time to myself. For now I need to just deal with it as best as I can. {It’s definitely easier said then done} but I’m really trying. Watching them play and giggle seriously makes everything worth it. Right now its all about the special moments, I’ll have the rest of my life to get fit. For now its me and them. 


PS: Sorry there is no BittyBentos post today, Adryana is grounded which means ‘no bento’. On a good note here is a couple of pics of the boys. 

Update on my life .. www.sewfatty.com

Update on my life .. www.sewfatty.com  


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