Totally Fun Giveaway for all my Etsy Lovers

Who loves Etsy? I seriously can spend hours on that site. I will be giving away a $25 GC to one of my awesome readers, to spend on whatever their heart desires. I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I do.

Share with all your friends and family. $25 GC to Etsy via

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on March.28, 2014

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Happy 26th Birthday to me !!!

It’s my 26th birthday today!!!

I couldn’t be any happier. I have an amazing husband three healthy kids that make my life so crazy but so worth living. I have the greatest Parents in the world seriously they are the BEST! My beautiful sisters and brother that have my back no matter what! And so many friends and followers on FaceBook & Intagram.


Sewfatty turns 26 years old

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Wordless Wednesday – Ashton at 22 months


My little Ashton, where do I even start. You are growing so quickly, I wish I had a freeze button. You are so precious and loving, your funny and we just love spending time with you. Let’s see you are at the stage in your little life, where everything your sister does, you want to replicate. You love putting your head on the couch and lifting your legs up, you love sleeping and eating pancake corn dogs. You love to play with cars, trains anything with wheels, you also fall asleep with them. You are talking so much, you say mas, more, I go, daddy, sister,sissy, hi, those are just a few… 


Me: Papi, say cheese… in return I get this beautiful smile 🙂 

You are my little organizer, this is what you do with your toys almost every time you play with them. 


I love you so much my love, i’m enjoying all the little moments I spend with you. One of the things I love is when you point at my cheek [meaning you want a kiss] and you hold me so tight, or when you lift your little hands up at me, for me to carry you or when you blow me a kiss as your walking away to go play… i love all those moments and cherish them. I thank GOD everyday for you. 

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