Tommee Tippee comfi neck bib. #tommeemommee

Holiday’s are right around the corner. I have a few of my friends and family members that are currently pregnant or already had their bundle of joy. Finding the perfect gifts are always a must for me. I have my munchkins and through it all, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Not saying what worked for me will work for others, but they are items that I absolutely love. 

One of those items is the Tommee Tippee comfi bibs. The first thing that will stand out to you will be the softness of the material. They are made from two layers of cotton/polyester terry cloth (which is amazing because terry cloth is very absorbent). What makes this bib unique is that they had to study how babies drink/ eat and just know how to create a practical bib. The spongy ring along the neck of the bib has extra padding to catch any drool or spills while drinking or eating.

This spongy ring prevents that yummy (just kidding) smell under your babies neck as well as rashes. This bib is so practical and amazing. I absolutly love it and purchased a set for my cousin and my best friend.



Tommee Tippee




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Mangham Made

Summer time is here ! 

As some of you may know, we recently moved cross country from California to Pennsylvania. (more to come on this topic)

We’ve been enjoying ourselves and exploring more of PA and surrounding areas, little by little. I recently discovered the travelers notebook, and just writing down all of our life experiences on this amazing book that i’ve been carrying around everywhere we go – because you never know what new things you’ll find or want to write down. However, I needed a tote or bag to carry it around along with stamp and other accessories… that’s where Mangham Made came along and made my life a bit love you more colorful and organized. Here is a little bit about Karen. 

Hi! I’m Karen! I started sewing as a hobby while waiting for my husband to come home from work and to make things for my children. I worked in a corporate office until my son was born. After a year staying at home I decided to open an etsy shop! I opened my shop this year and it’s been such a rewarding experience.

I live in the mountains of Utah with my husband and my two littles! I’m a stay at home mom by day and stay up all night sewing for this small business and I love every minute!

Karen sent me her adorable Tote purse. There are so many reasons why to love this tote. It has the faux  vegan leather bottom to keep the bag nice and firm, and easy to wipe if you so happen to place it on the floor or get it dirty. The straps are a good size to where you can handhold it or wear it over the shoulder. It’s really roomy to use for just about anything (crafty materials, mommy bag, picnic bag). It’s constructed well and made with lot’s of love. The hardest part is choosing the fabric of your choice. Mangham Made Tote

I also received an adorable wristlet. What I love about the wristlet is that I can put my debit card, money, cell phone and take it on the go quickly without having to take a big bag or I can use it inside my tote as a add on. Mangham Made is known for her cute little bows on the zipper part of the pouch adding an adorable look to all her pouches. The wristlet also has the faux leather which is something I absolutely love because I always tend to dirty the bottom of my pouches before anything else. Mangham Made Wristlet Lastly, I recently bought my daughter and I. The Mangham Made mini pouch. It’s so stinkin adorable. It’s small and cute and perfect addition to add to any purse or tote. Don’t you just love the boba 🙂 Mangham MiniI have a pouch addiction. I really do and I realize that. #sorrynotsorry 

So,  if you haven’t checked out Mangham Made Etsy shop yet. You must, Karen is amazing and her handmade pouches are adorable. I promise you won’t regret it. Also, be sure to check her out on Instagram she plays this super fun trivia game on Monday’s. 


You’ll also have a chance to win one of these cute Sunglass Case !! 

Giveaway coming soon… but mean while be sure to follow Mangham Made over on IG.



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Yoo Challenge

Many of you may know, that I am on a fitness journey. I have changed my life around and I really just want to live life to the fullest. In a healthy and fit way. I want to see my kids grow up and have fun with them. I don’t ever want, my health to ever stand between my happiness with them. So staying fit and healthy is my lifestyle. As an awesome girl I follow on Instagram @mshelllll saids I want to be a #BA4L 

So, I wanted to tell you all about this Yoo Challenge App. It’s pretty awesome. (See Pictures Below) It’s a small device you wear (I wear on the side of my leggins/pants) and as you go on about your day it counts your steps and tracks calories /distance. It’s a great way to keep track of how much you’ve done in a day. It’s super easy to use. You receive your device in the mail, open it up. Download the app on your iPhone, create an account. Sync your device choose a challenge and start tracking. Another awesome thing about this device is that like most tracking devices you have to keep on charging them. The Yoo requires NO re-charging battery life. They come in these super fun colors, they are small and not bulky. I seriously forget that I have it on. Not to mention the YOO challenge community. It’s nice to have people that are on the same track as you, to motivate you. I think there comes a time in our fitness life, that we sometimes get discouraged or get down on ourselves. That’s where a good support system comes into play. 

Yoo Challenge

Select your device and challenge and start tracking.

Yoo Challenge Device

Overall, I really like my YOO. Something I would love to change about it, would be for it to track my heart rate. For example when i’m doing weights or workouts that are stationary and not moving too much but still have a high heart rate. It would be awesome to count those calories in too. Besides that, its a really cool gadget to add to your daily routine. For me, I would love to know how many calories I’m loosing while doing weights since it’s my everyday routine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure you do. It really is a cool and easy gadget to use. 


How do you keep track of your calories ? 

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