Parenthood & Tommee Tippee oh my.

Have you all watched the episode of Parenthood where Crosby has tried just about every bottle there was at the stores hoping Aida would take the bottle (with moms breast milk) , to allow Jasmine to get some rest? This episode reminded me of exactly that same scenario we had to go through. My husband felt powerless when I would breastfeed and he couldn’t help. We also tried many bottles and none were anything like a mothers breast. Until we found Tommee Tippee these bottles were a life saver. They are small, non bulky. Baby can grip them well. We still use a bottle at night or nap times for my little Edward. That was the only bottle he took. We have not tried the transitioning sippy however, I feel like its going to work amazing.  I can’t wait to come back and tell you peeps how he likes it. 

Tomme Tippee Transitioning Bottle and Cup

Some facts on the amazing Tommee Tippee bottle and cup. 

  • Specially designed for baby’s firsts sips providing a smooth transition from breast or bottle to cup drinking
  • For use with babies over 3 months, the bottle to cup set contains 2 x 9oz feeding bottles and 1 x first sips transitioning cup
  • Feeding bottle has a natural feel, medium flow nipple for “just like Mom” feedings
  • Removable, one piece non-spill cup valve keeps first sip mess to a minimum
  • Super soft spout is gentle on your baby’s gums and removable, easy-grip handles are perfectly designed for tiny hands
  • Always BPA and phthalate free for ultimate reassurance

Overall these bottles and sippy’s are the best in the market. I have experienced it first hand. I bought every brand out there, my babies would not take any until we found Tommee Tippee. All babies are different, I understand but try these out first and I almost promise you, they will work amazing. 


Have you watched that episode of Parenthood ? 


This is a sponsored post, I received compensation and a set of sippy cups for the purposes of this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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Happy Breastfeeding Week 2013

Happy Breastfeeding Week


This week means so much to me, I feel so blessed to be able to share this day with so many moms out there !! All you breastfeeding mamas out there should be proud. I feel like such an accomplished mom, something I thought I couldn’t do. I feared that I would not be able to nurse little Edward. Here to tell you, that I have successfully been breasting for the last 4 months ! Yes. Can you believe little Edward will be 4 months old on the 8th? crazy right? I feel so proud of this milestone. I never thought I would make it this far, the beginning was tough and I felt as though I would quite, but I didn’t and I’m so happy that I stuck with it. A huge thanks to GOD and Making Mamas Milk lactating cookies. [Read more…]

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Breastfeeding Little Edward – Behind the Scenes Update

SewFatty: Breastfeeding Update on my little Edward

Last month I let you all in on my breasfteeding journey. Some of the obstacles I faced were not fun.  This month I am here to tell you, that breasfteeding does get better. I remember having some mamas tell me “it get’s easier”, yet in the back of my mind, I thought yeah well when is that supposed to happen ? Believe it or not it really does get better. In the beginning it feels as though all you do all day is sit and feed baby and change diapers.

I’m here to tell that you, that you are making the right choice, and though you may feel like a zombie most of time. <– trust me, I know all about this. It’s great to know that you are giving your baby the best of you. Watching them grow so fast and healthy is so rewarding. As far as troubles with my milk supply, I have none. I’ve had a great supply thanks to Making Mammas Milk Lactating Cookies ! I don’t have to worry about not producing enough. For now I’m producing more then he is intaking, talk about a huge blessing. I’ve also always been low on Iron, since eating these cookies my iron levels have gone and I no longer have to take iron pills. I’m beyond happy and very greatful to GOD for allowing me to be able to give my son the best of me. Thank you to Dori as well for producing such an amazing cookie. You the bomb !!

This is one of my favorite pictures of little Edward and I, this is how we sleep every-night. He was done nursing, I fell asleep and my daughter snapped this picture. Excuse my tired face 🙂 this mama needs more sleep. Cant get over his cute little face smiling away…

SewFatty: Breastfeeding Update on my little Edward

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