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Tea Time anyone?? I recently went on a “Healthy Eating” lifestyle, not only to lose weight but to also be healthy person. I said goodbye to coffee and soda and hello to water and natural drinks. So these past few weeks tea has been my best friend. I like tea, especially iced tea it’s very refreshing which is just what I need, living in Texas. Tiesta Tea sent me a variety of flavors of their teas to try out.tiesta tea

Things I love about the packaging are :

  • The vibrant bold colors, totally catch your eye. They are color coded and have a brief description of what ingredients are in each and what flavor profile it may be.
  • The packages also has a brief description on how to brew, you can find more info on their site “Brewing 101”.

Eternity : Tea blends contain super fruits and white teas blends are packed full with antioxidants and other anti-againg properties.

I loved the flavor in this tea, I drank it iced and did not have to add any sweeteners (personal prefer), I just chose not to add any because I didn’t feel it needed it. The blueberry cherry flavor is very pronounced which I love.

Energizer : Black Teas are one of the more caffeinated types of tea that supplies the drinker with a clean, jitter-free, pick-me-up.

WOW!! amazing, I absolutely loved the Passion Berry. It’s very fruity which is what I love in teas, no need to add sugar which is always awesome. (Personally I believe, that if a tea is that good enough you will not need sugar, and Tiesta Tea have that.) It’s the BOMB tea, and I also drank it iced.

Slenderizer: Green Teas contain high concentrations of catechins, polyphenols and fiber that help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

I’m a green tea drinker at heart, my mom has always told me its great for your digestive system and weight loss. The flavor in these teas is just beyond my tea experience. I never thought tea could taste this great. I have taken after my mother and drink tea every morning and some evenings.

If you have not yet tastes Tiesta Teas, you definitely need to get on the ball. These teas are amazing, affordable, and so many choices to choose from.

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine.
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