Beauty Tips.

I wanted to start sharing some beauty tips/ products with y’all… just things I use or things I do. For those of you who use concealer, or do face contouring. This blender is amazing for that. I personally use it for my concealer around and under my eyes. Leaving my concealer looking sleek and leaving no lines. I have noticed that when I use my brush to blend in my concealer in, it always seem to leave lines behind. this sponge doesn’t leave any of that. It’s super soft. I absolutely love it and it’s my ‘must have’ product when applying my concealer. It’s also super easy to use, you soak it with water and squeeze all the water out, you then apply the makeup and you can either use the big side of the blender or the pointy side. I love using the pointy side, for the fact that it fits so perfect on the side of my eyes. Really gets the makeup around the eyes. Once, I am done using it. I always wash it with a eco-friendly soap lather it, till its nice and clean; and just let it air dry. Again, super easy to use and clean. It’s become one if not my favorite products for my face. 



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