My breastfeeding story.

Happy Breastfeeding Month!! 

All you mommy’s out there, you’re doing a great job!

I feel so blessed to be able to share my breastfeeding story with all you moms out there.

A little background story.

After having my first-born Adryana and being able to successfully nurse her. I wanted to do the same with my little Ashton. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. Due to not latching on from birth and my nipples getting sore and ended up with an infection. I also blame myself for not doing more research on this; I wished I ‘d learned more about it. For some reason with my first born, the breastfeeding came easy, my milk was leaking while at the hospital and with the boys that wasn’t the case. Third time around with little Edward, I wanted to be able to successfully breastfeed him from the very beginning and do my very best.

So in effort to accomplish this, my hubby bought me my Tommee Tippee pump and go. I’ve never used one before so it was totally new to me. I ate lactating cookies, teas to keep my milk supply up.

The pump and go, was such a huge help. I was able to pump milk while baby slept {we all know they engorge while baby is not eating and its hurts so much and I didn’t want to end up with a clogged milk duct} so I pumped away. The best part of it is that I was able to take it on anywhere we went.

I felt and feel like such an accomplished mom, something I thought I could never do, and here I am beating the odds and telling you my story. I was able to breastfeed my little Edward, for a year and a few weeks. Those moments with my son, I will always cherish, and still till this day. He will put his hand between my boobs and fall asleep, not sure when that will stop. He is now 3 years old, but I will cherish those moments for they will only last for a short time. Enjoy your breastfeeding moment’s moms. They are beautiful memories.



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Parenthood & Tommee Tippee oh my.

Have you all watched the episode of Parenthood where Crosby has tried just about every bottle there was at the stores hoping Aida would take the bottle (with moms breast milk) , to allow Jasmine to get some rest? This episode reminded me of exactly that same scenario we had to go through. My husband felt powerless when I would breastfeed and he couldn’t help. We also tried many bottles and none were anything like a mothers breast. Until we found Tommee Tippee these bottles were a life saver. They are small, non bulky. Baby can grip them well. We still use a bottle at night or nap times for my little Edward. That was the only bottle he took. We have not tried the transitioning sippy however, I feel like its going to work amazing.  I can’t wait to come back and tell you peeps how he likes it. 

Tomme Tippee Transitioning Bottle and Cup

Some facts on the amazing Tommee Tippee bottle and cup. 

  • Specially designed for baby’s firsts sips providing a smooth transition from breast or bottle to cup drinking
  • For use with babies over 3 months, the bottle to cup set contains 2 x 9oz feeding bottles and 1 x first sips transitioning cup
  • Feeding bottle has a natural feel, medium flow nipple for “just like Mom” feedings
  • Removable, one piece non-spill cup valve keeps first sip mess to a minimum
  • Super soft spout is gentle on your baby’s gums and removable, easy-grip handles are perfectly designed for tiny hands
  • Always BPA and phthalate free for ultimate reassurance

Overall these bottles and sippy’s are the best in the market. I have experienced it first hand. I bought every brand out there, my babies would not take any until we found Tommee Tippee. All babies are different, I understand but try these out first and I almost promise you, they will work amazing. 


Have you watched that episode of Parenthood ? 


This is a sponsored post, I received compensation and a set of sippy cups for the purposes of this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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At Home with Graco® : Live Partay & The New Simple Sway™ Swing!

Such an amazing opportunity to work with Graco® on this post. I have been compensated in exchange for this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

At Home with Graco

Since I can remember, Graco® has always had a special place in our homes. Growing up with a younger sister, my father purchased a Graco® stroller for my mother. I remember my mother being so excited about her new stroller, we are talking way back in 1997. Fast forward to 2011 Graco® was the brand I bought for my little Ashton. That’s what I knew, and loved since I remember my mother loving her stroller so much. My hubby bought me the Graco® Quattro Car Seat & Graco Silhouette Swing, not only did we use it for Ashton but also for little Edward. 

I remember relying so much on our swing. It allowed me to sit and eat, take quick showers, get chorus done. The boys loved it so much they would take very long naps in there. It was soothing and relaxing for both of us. 

I attended such an amazing party hosted by Theresa over at MomSmack. It was amazing coming together with other moms and talking about motherhood, our troubles, Graco. We all had such a blast, playing games and really just sharing tips.  Thanks again Theresa for opening up your home and spoiling us with your amazing treats. At Home with Graco

As we played ‘put the diaper on the baby’ our little munchkins were also playing and having a great time.

At Home with Graco

Which brings me to talk about The New Simple Sway™ Swing. I believe is a MUST HAVE for all parents. It’s a very simple swing yet, it has great features that will comfort baby. It’s also very simple to put together and fits into any small space.  As you can see in the pictures below you’ll see five easy buttons as well as the soothing vibration switch. Super easy and user friendly, comes with a cute star mobile for your little cuties to watch as they sway in their swing. It holds up to 30lbs, meaning your little one will use it for quite some time, the plush cover is super comfy and has head support cushion as well. Lastly, it comes with a plug for wall outlet as well as battery. Just in case you want to take it on the go with you. Such an amazing, sturdy, simple, affordable swing for your little ones. 

At Home with Graco

We were also fortunate to check out some of Graco® other fabulous products such as the Pack ‘n Play® Playard Portable Napper & Changer™. It’s a reversible product that can be used to rest/play or  as a changer for easy diaper changes. As well as the Graco® Swivi Seat™ Highchair such an important item when babies start to eat. It has a 360 degree swivel seat rotation feature. Both are also a MUST HAVE in my book. 

At Home with Graco


Overall, I had a blast at the Graco® live party!!!! Thank you so much Graco® for giving me the opportunity to check out these amazing products in person and while doing so, having some fun with other moms. 

What are some of your ‘MUST HAVE’ products for you baby? 



Such an amazing opportunity to work with Graco® on this post. I have been compensated in exchange for this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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