Living life in San Diego

Our Home in Kingsville, Texas

Our Home in Kingsville, Texas

As many of you may know. We are now living in San Diego, CA. It has been such an amazing transition from Texas to California as far as the wheather goes and just being able to do more things. Kingsville, TX was a super small town that didn’t really have much to offer. However, the three years that we lived there my husband and I grew very close to each other making our marriage grow into what it is, today. Those 3 years were amazing, we were able to have him home with us every single day, we welcomed our two boys into this world. Kingsville was a great town for us to bond and work on US. Texas will always hold a special place in my heart for that. 

Now, that we are in San Diego. Reality of military life has hit hard in our home.  Hubby has already gone on a 13 day underway and now is gone for a few months with a forecast of more months ahead. I know that it’s really hard for us right now because   for the last 3 years we had him home with us. Now the times have changed and sadness has hit me hard. I know, I will be fine and learn to coupe with it, but for now I do get depressed and it is hard. I know that GOD has big plans for us and our family and thats what keeps me going. I am keeping busy with our three munchkins. I am still not done unpacking, so that’s still in the works. As well as a DIY Outdoor Pallet Couch. In which I am super excited to share with you all. If you have an Instagram be sure to follow me at @sewfatty. I will be posting updates. 

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We Love Carter’s { Friends & Family Discount} #sponsored #MC

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Finding out I was pregnant with my oldest, was a shocker and exciting. I was excited to start shopping for baby clothes. The first thing my hubby and I did was go to Carters and shop for girly things. Since forever Carters has been my go-to store for children’s clothing. The quality of the clothes is great, it’s like it never wears out. They have such a great variety for girls and boys. It’s your one stop shop.  

I visited my local Carters today and had such a great experience, the clerks were nice and very helpful. As soon as I walked in the door. They asked ” can I help you with anything ?” which is so nice. Having kids and shopping can be a bit overwhelming at times. So to offer assistance on finding a certain item and finish shopping as quickly as possible is just great. 

Carters Friends & Family

The store was nicely organized, they had all the sizes I needed in stock. (Its such a bummer when you love something and they don’t have the size your looking for.) They had such cute clothes it was hard choosing. You get quality clothes for a great price, as you can see the price a lot of the clothes was great. Keep in mind that every store is different, nonetheless I hope your experience is as great as mine. Be sure to use the coupon at the bottom of this post to use on your next purchase. Seriously you don’t want to miss out. Be sure to let you friends and family know all about it. We all know kids clothing can be expensive, so why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Go shop. 

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