Staying organized with my FiloFax

As many of you may know. We will be moving duty stations very soon. Unlike the small town we currently live in, San Diego lifestyle is a bit more On-The-Go. I’ve noticed that many things I’ve been needing to do or get done, have not been because

1. I have three kids whom, are always needing my attention

2. If I don’t write it down, it’s not going to get done because more than likely I’ll forget

3. There is just too much going on at the same time to remember.

Do you know what I mean? 

So, I decide to make my life a bit more easy on myself. I needed to get Organized – but wait ?

How do you do that ? Filofax ladies and gentlemen. Here is a little more about their company and what they stand for. 

Filofax actually comes from the name having derived from the description “file of facts”. (Aint that the truth; we keep these files of our personal facts). These organizers are like nothing I’ve ever seen, at regular retail store. The leather is beautiful and smells so good. (not like in a weird way though). Filofax strives to be Environmentally Responsible (which is a HUGE Plus for me) by covering all areas of the brand from the design sourcing the manufacture of the products to the working conditions in the suppliers factories. They’re paper are sourced from mills that obtain wood related raw materials from well-managed sources, NO CHEMICALS are used in the manufacture of Filofax products. All leathers used in Filofax products are a by-product of the food industry. They’re looking at every aspect of being environmentally friendly. I Love this. 

Now let me show you what the Filofax fuss, is all about. I mean, Seriously this planner is a total beauty. This is The Original – Yellow with a beautiful features of a  bespoke button on the leather strap closure.Stay organized with a FiloFax

On the Left it has two credit card pockets,  one vertical slip pocket, one multifunctional elastic holder. Also has the Filofax stamp detailing. (You can use to place your pens and sticky notes on the side) 

Stay organized with a FiloFax

Your planner will also come with these inserts and dividers.( transparent flyleaf, week on 2 pages diary – 5 language, ruler-page marker – black, to do in – 5 languages, pink ruled paper, beige ruled paper, yellow ruled paper, blue ruled paper, lavender ruled paper, name address and numbers – 5 language, indices, transparent envelope – top opening) You an also purchase extras. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax On the right hand side it has one jot pad pocket, one vertical slip pocket. You can use this awesome Filofax notepad or any other. Remember its YOUR planner. The things you can to do it, are endless. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax Measures : 235mm in height| 191mm in width |55mm in-depth. The Leather Strap with the branded popper and color matching gel finish cap is a beautiful finish to this planner it makes it really stand out. It’s one of my favorite things of my planner along with the stamped f on the side (as shown on this picture below)  Filofax also has mini matching keyring – which I really want. I mean Seriously  can you imagine a mini size of this? super cute right? 

Stay organized with a FiloFax Overall, I absolutely love my Original Filofax. It’s everything I wanted and then some. It’s helped me stay organized and on top of things. It’s written down, so I don’t forget. It’s really has helped me manage my time wisely.  Everyday I look forward to accomplishing my to do’s that I have for the day. So THANK YOU so much FiloFax, you’ve changed my life literally – for the best. Since I have my life back on track, I needed another filofax for my part time job with BalmBaby as a Social Media person. So my awesome bosses sent me a FiloFax Classic Pocket. This little planner is also pretty amazing as well. As you can see, this is just the start of a filofax addiction. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax

I love these beauties. 

Stay organized with a FiloFax



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I love our Project Pomona Jeans

 After having three kids, I think it’s safe to say that i’ve had my fair shares of shopping. I’ve search high and low (ex. children’s place, gymboree, carter’s, Crazy 8, Toy’s R Us)  for the perfect pair of pants. You know what i’m talking about. The soft kind, that is stretchy for our babies, that are so flexible, that they can actually even sleep in them. Thats the kind of pants Project Pomona Jeans has to offer. Thats RIGHT. No more searching. Seriously. 

I love our Project Pomona Jeans Review  {Little Bum Pants} I love our Project Pomona Jeans Review  {Little Bum Pants}

I love our Project Pomona Jeans Review  {Little Bum Pants}

I had the opportunity to work with Meghan, back when Ashton was a little bam bam. Check out my Review. I totally fell in love her Pomona Jeans (with snaps). So, when the opportunity came to Review her New Release jeans the Little Skinny Ones aka Little Bum Pants I was totally excited. 

You can find all the details on Little Bum Pants on her website. The Little Bum Pants are super awesome, here is why. My first perception was that, they felt comfortable and light. When shopping for kids, these features are important they need that comfortability and flexibility, because they are so active. They are snug around the waist and have room in the areas that need it (ie. bum) flexible enough to have the ability to roam freely. They have an adjustable cuff, for growing kiddos. 

I love our Project Pomona Jeans Review  {Little Bum Pants} The tag is ironed on the inside front tab. I didn’t even know it was there 🙂 which is a great feature to have, because if you’re like me. I hate having tags, they just bother me on my back. I can only imagine it bothering kids as well. So this is a total plus for me. I’ve washed this pair twice, and they are still looking nice and bright. To make them last longer I would recommend NOT DRYING them, but thats a personal preference

  Here we have my son Ashton now 27 months old and my son Edward at 10 months old. Edward is wearing Ashton’s old pair of pants. As you can see these pants are super comfy for our munchkins. They are still nice and bright, even after many washing and drying cycles. We took our Project Pomona Jeans on our recent mini vacation to San Antonio. I kid you not, Ashton and Edward wore those same pair of pants the entire weekend. Sorry not sorry, just being honest. All the other pants were not as comfy as these. I love them so much I have another pair on the way, and will be ordering Edward another pair and Ashton some shorts for our new home in Sunny San Diego. 

I love our Project Pomona Jeans Review  {Little Bum Pants}

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DIY Fabric Washi Tape

 Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape

My friend Benetta recently sent me happy mail she included some of her super cute washi tape. I was totally hooked. So I’ve started making washi to use for gifts and recently for Christmas. So here I am showing you how to make your very own from scraps of fabric you may have laying around. 


Things you’ll need : Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape

  • fabric choice / fabric scraps ( you want to make sure your fabric is nice and ironed. If not, you’ll have wrinkled washi)
  • double sided adhesive tape ( carpet tape is another choice)
  • scissors/ rotary cutter

How to make Washi-AWESOMENESS : 

  • apply one side of your tape onto fabric and press firmly
  • grab your scissors/rotary cutter and cut your strips.
  • when ready to use, you can cut your long strip in small pieces.
  • peel the back and use on whatever your heart desires.


What to use washi tape on ?
gift wrapping, scrapbooking, crafts, the possibilities are endless.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

Happy Washi Making.

Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape

Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape

Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape

washi tape just adds that whimsy touch to these simple kraft bags. 

Do It Yourself Fabric Washi Tape


What will you use your Washi Tape on ?? 

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