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Crafters & Co.

Fall has got to be my favorite season of the year. Now that we live in Pennslyvania and we are able to enjoy all the seasons and I can honestly say Fall is by far my favorite. I love seeing all the trees changing colors. It’s such a beautiful sight to see. Along, with leaves changing there is also something we all love that comes back in season. Which is PUMPKIN… ah, pumpkin everything. 

Hallmark sent me a few fall-scented Crafters & Co. products to put my house to get me into the fall spirit and I am absolutely loving everything. 

They sent their Weathered Bronze Flair Warmer. I just love how pretty it looks once it’s lite up. I used 1 melt just because I don’t want to run out. hehe. I received three different fall inspired scents. Celebrate Fall, Harvest Wreath, Pumpkin Spice my ultimate favorite, just because I love all things pumpkin. Each one smells amazing. As soon, as they started to melt it just made my entire room smell so yummy. It has really put me in the fall spirit. I just love this season so much. 

Lastly, they sent me a 16 oz. the candle has 2 wicks and is said to burns up to 55 hours. This soy-based candle is poured in America and its aroma is a buttery pastry topped with ripe, freshly sliced apples, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon and rich caramel. It’s just like the melts except this one is a jar full of it. Makes a perfect gift. 

Hallmark has offered to give one of my readers a Crafters & Co. “Celebrate Fall” 16oz Jar Candle. Enter by using Rafflecopter. 

You don’t want to wait to go grab the BOGO offer. 

What: A buy one, get one offer on Crafters & Co. jar Candles and wax melts

When: October 14 – October 23

Where: Participating Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide


Giveaway now closed. A winner has been chosen and emailed.



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Sewfatty loves LiftCandleCo.

LiftCandleCo. Review

I love all smelly (if that’s even a word) good scents. I love perfume. Room deodorants. I love candles – even food, of course hehe. I just love it, when i’m entering my home and have that fresh smell or creamy scent, as soon as I walk in the house. Do you know what I mean? 

It’s amazing how every home has its scent. I no longer live at home with my parents anymore. However, I know and I can smell my moms scent. Not, even sure how to describe it but when I enter my parents home. It’s a scent of “HOME”. 

Due, to my love for candles. I had to opportunity to team with Tanelle owner of LiftCandleCo. here is a little bit about her and her shop. Take it away Tanelle… 

So a little about myself: I am the mother of 4! Two girls and two boys. Two teenage girls and two energetic young boys! Madness on all levels in my house! I have been a candle lover for years ever since I sold Partylite candles fifteen years ago. I fell in love! The problem is that good quality candles can be very expensive. There are always candles burning on my home but it’s a pricey habit. I decided to give candles making a try and also decided I wanted to experiment with soy wax. 

I was very happy with the results! They burn very clean- no smoke or soot! I started burning them in my home and giving them as gifts and everyone has loved them! They’ve been selling very well, locally but I’ve recently opened my etsy shop to hopefully expand a little.
Now, that you know a little about Tanelle. Let me give you some great facts about LiftCandleCo. 
  • All candles are made of 100% soy wax
  • Soy wax is made from soybeans, a natural renewable source.
  • No toxins are released into the air while they burn.
  • Hand-Poured by Tanelle.
  • They burn clean with very little or no soot.
  • Over 10 scents to choose from
  • Containers used are reusable. (one of the best parts)

My experience with LiftCandleCo. is overall impressed. The box arrived well packaged. I took out the candle and was just so impressed. I received the Vanilla Hazelnut. Opened it up and smelled amazing. On one of my late working nights, I finally got the courage to light it up. It’s so beautiful I just wanted to stare at it. The scent is simply amazing, hubby was upstairs playing his game while I was downstairs working. He asked? what is it, that you have down there? I asked why? He said it “smells like cookies, coffee, I dunno it smells BOMB”. I simply replied, it’s my new candle. He said, we need more of those. hehe. I take it, he loved it and so do I. Not only does it smell amazing, but its so cute. I love all things mason jars. It’s handmade with love, and i’m able to reuse my jar even after the candle is gone.  It’s a total win. 

My beautiful candle sits on my Sewfatty shipping station for now. I mean how cute is it? 

LiftCandleCo. Review

If you’ve been  here long enough, you know I love to support handmade, work at home moms. Before, running off to the store to buy a candle. Think, about how your purchase towards one of these candles would be a blessing to these families. Be a blessing and support handmade.


What scent would you like to try? 

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Mason Jar happiness with my Cuppow

I love me some Cuppow

What you sipping on ?? I’m sipping on a mason jar with a Cuppow !! I love me some Cuppow !!

I love me some mason jars!!  Everything tastes so much better in a mason jar. Don’t you think?

 Cuppows as drinking lids and the BNTO as a lunchbox adaptor


Some may not like mason jars because without a lid,  it’s not very on-the-go friendly. So I found Cuppow for our mason jars. Making my love for mason jars grow even more.

What are Cuppow ? They are canning jar drinking lids to add to your favorite jar. They are made from recycled materials. making your drink spill- free. They are made in the USA, BPA Free, Phthalate Free. They are eco-friendly and totally awesome. 

I love me some CuppowWhy do I love drinking out of jars ? its glass, which is eco-friendly its easy to clean and I hate drinking out of plastic cups. (Don’t ask, I just can’t stand drinking out of plastic cups.)

Cuppow makes it easy to take your jar on the go with you, its reusable and you’ll get rid of having to use those disposable cups. Not to mention you can drink with style, my friend HustleMama has a cute Etsy shop where she also sells cuppows and super cute Mason Jars.

Are you a working mama, and take your lunch on the go ?? Check out these Cuppow BNTO – lunchbox adaptor. I love using these for my salads, or protein shakes for my hubby. They are so easy and convenient to use.

BNTO – Cuppow is one of their newest canning jar adapter for bringing great food with you on the go. It’s conveniently shaped insert that fits right in your mason jar but separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a BOSS!!! 

I love me some Cuppow


Get your Cuppow today. 


I love me some Cuppow


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