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SewFatty: Gen-Y New Small Universal Cover Review /

Gen-Y covers have been on my cloth diaper bucket list. I’ve been meaning to try these gorgeous covers. Gen-Y offers many whimsical print’s and they don’t stop. They’re are always finding new ways to improve and bring you the latest and greatest. I was sent this newly amazing Universal Cover named Sugar Rush. Is it not the cutest??

SewFatty: Gen-Y New Small Universal Cover Review /

Sweet Facts:

  • Size : Small
  • Measurements: Leg: 5-9 | Rise: 12-17 |Waist: 11-16
  • Inner Gussets
  • Elastic gathering in the front and back.
  • Side snapping
  • Snap down rise
  • Cotton outer, PUL inner
  • Shaped inner flaps on the front and back.
  • GEN-Y products are made in the USA

Little Edward’s Stats:

  • 7lbs 7oz at birth currently 7lbs 11oz (since last checkup)
  • Skinny legs.
  • currently I would consider him somewhat of a heavy wetter.
  • worn cordless

SewFatty: Gen-Y New Small Universal Cover Review / Sweet Fit:

I believe there is always a trick to any side snapping diaper. You will always need to try different snapping options to get the right fit. It can be a few tries till you get the fit you want. After you get that down, it becomes easy peasy. The inner gussets really wrap nicely around babies legs. Another great feature, that I love about the cover is that the inner gussets do not wick moisture, they are also lined with PUL. All the dirty messes really do stay in. The shaped inner flaps are totally amazing for using inserts, prefolds, flats keeps everything in place without them riding up on your babies belly. The snaps Gen-Y uses are like no other. I have never seen these snaps they are thick and durable the structure of the diaper is really just like no other very high quality materials (as seen on the photo).

SewFatty: Gen-Y New Small Universal Cover Review / Overall:

I absolutely love our Gen-Y diaper cover. I was very impressed when I received it, and still after fully diapering with it, I have to say it’s one of my favorite. The cover was a bit big on my little Edward at 7lbs 7oz and skinny legs. It started to fit him after about a week and half after being born once he got a bit more chunkiness around the legs. The coverage with fitted’s is amazing it covers great with the snaps undone. We experienced zero leaks. Gen-Y covers are amazing, the quality of diaper is exceptional. They are made in the US. The functionality of the diaper is amazing. The price is a bit more then others but here is what the company had to say about that.“There are several reasons for the price. 1) Our diapers are made in small batches in the US. We are committed to having our diapers manufactured in the US which make things more expensive. 2) We use high quality fashion fabrics 3) We offer a 6 mnth warranty 4) Our covers have an AMAZING resale value.” I would totally recommend Gen-Y covers they are awesome. I do not have the older version of the universal to compare it to so sorry about that, but will say that this diaper cover is like no other and it’s definitely worth the price in my opinion.

SewFatty: Gen-Y New Small Universal Cover Review /

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Moraki Cloth Diaper Review


California my home sweet home. It’s also the home to WAHM Charlie CEO of Moraki cloth diapers. Moraki cloth diapers have been the talk of the town. Here is a little background of my life and another reason why I love this WAHM. Moraki  headquarters is actually located 5 minutes away from where I used to live. I lived in La Mesa, California a few years back and enjoyed living there. It’s a very peaceful, quite city in San Diego county. It’s so nice to know that their is cloth diapers being made in a place I know and love. Charlie is also a US Navy military wife which was another reason why we just hit it off so well not to mention the love for cloth diapers. I am super excited to tell you all about the NEW Moraki cloth diaper.

Moraki cloth diapers are a very versitile cloth diaper they are a one size diaper. They can be used as a pocket diaper or an AI2 diaper.

Moraki Facts:

  • Fits babies from 7-40+ lbs
  • 4 rise snap rows
  • PUL outer /PUL tummy panel to prevent wicking.
  • Wing snap to prevent wing droop
  • Pocket Diaper / All In Two
  • 100% polyester lining wicks moisture away from baby not to mentions super soft
  • Envelope pocket opening will agitate in the wash
  • Inserts are sold separately. Made of


Lil Bam Bam’s Stats:

  • 15 months old
  • 24 lbs.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heavy Wetter at night
  • Average baby size he is not chubby at all, more on the lean (small waited) rapidly growing :)












Charlie sent me the American print one size diaper. I absolutely love this print as you all may know because we are a military fam bam and I love to represent 🙂 I received my Moraki diaper with this beautiful tag along with a cute card no plastic pacakaing or anything like that.  “We aren’t eco-friendly and sustainably conscience because it’s trendy.  We are mindful because it’s important.  That’s why your order is shipped in recycled envelopes and arrives with little to no packing materials (packing slips can be provided upon request).  Our business cards and hang tags are printed on 100% recycled paper using soy and vegetable based inks. You’ll also notice our product packaging is as minimal as possible.” 

It was love at first sight with our Moraki cloth diaper as soon as I seen it I loved it. The craftsmanship of this diaper is amazing, from the stitching to the materials used. I am slowly getting rid of my microfiber inserts and converting to natural fibers. Moraki inserts are sold separately and are made of 55% hemp 45% organic cotton these inserts are ready to use no need to ‘prep’ this is amazing quite honestly sometimes I hate prepping diapers I want them to be ready to use, so inserts being ready to use was a huge plus for me not to mention they are so thirsty these inserts are soft and can hold a lot. The fit is great on bam bam, snaps are easily adjusted to babies size. Which might take a few tries if your new at it, but once you get the hang of it, you should be good to go. The encased elastic is awesome we experienced ‘zero’ leaks during the day time, nap time and overnight with all three (size) inserts inside the pocket. The inner lining is 100% polyester which is very soft and wicks moisture away from baby which I love especially at night. I want my lil bam bam to be comfy at night and I wouldn’t want him feeling wet so this is great. Overall Moraki has become one my favorite diapers, it’s a diaper we reach for every time. I would totally recommend it to my friends and family. It is made in the California, US has two options to choose from pocket or AI2, great fit, natural fiber inserts, eco friendly company and just knowing that I am supporting a family owned company that is also military is great for me. Seriously what more can you ask for? The price for the diaper and inserts included is $ 31 which might sound like a lot for some families but if you take into consideration what your getting it makes it worth it. If you want to save some $$ then buy the shell with extra inserts so that you are able to just change out the inserts and re-use the shell. Lastly did I mention that they offer a 30 day wash and wear return policy, if for some reason you end up not liking it you can return it and receive a full refund (shipping is not-refunded). Again such a great company you buy with confidence.









I love our Moraki cloth diaper so glad to have it in our current stash.

Click Here to view a quick video of my lil bam bam with his Moraki Cloth Diaper


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Cloth Diapering Your Newborn Event Brought to you by Zephyr Hill Blog #4

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