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Twitter Party
Have you made the switch yet? You know, to Cloth Pads ?? If you have not and would like to, or just want to add more to your stash this is a great Giveaway for you. My friend Alex over at Mommy’s Craft Obsession is hosting this awesome giveaway. Were talking – Pink Lemonade Shop, Rockin Green my favorite if you ask me. 
So be sure to join us at 9:00pm Eastern for your chance to win 1 of 3 party packages or 1 of 2 grand prize packages!
Only those who RSVP and who are actively tweeting at the party will have the opportunity to win!
Not sure the best way to attend a Twitter party? Click here to get some more information
When: December 3rd, 9pm Eastern
Where: Twitter!
Hashtag: #HolidayCloth
RSVP: Open throughout the party, must be RSVPed AND Actively Tweeting to Win!
Make sure you’re following these three Twitter Handles!
@loveMCO, @PinkLemonadeSue, @RockinGreenSoap


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Jump Into Mama Cloth – #giveaway

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into Mama Cloth and replacing your disposable products with lovely, reusable cloth pads – well, this Event is for YOU!

Jump into Mama Cloth

We have a prize package for you today full of everything you’ll need to make the cloth switch, courtesty of Pink Lemonade Shop and hosted by So Easy Being Green.

Whether you’re looking to start a Mama Cloth stash, or simply adding to an existing one, these 5 reusable cloth pads will probably become your favorite.  Pink Lemonade Shop’s cloth pads receive nothing but rave reviews for their softness, resistance to staining, comfortability, and beauty!

Pink Lemonade Shop Mama Cloth

Within this prize, you’ll receive:

{2} 6″ Original Width Mini Pantyliners in Turquoise and Orange Minky

9″ Day Pad (wide width) in Bubblegum Pink Minky

10″ Heavy Pad (wide width) in Chocolate Brown Minky

11″ Overnight Pad (wide width) in Red Minky

The minky used for these cloth pads is super soft and almost 100% stain resistant – which makes it a perfect Mama Cloth material!

To sweeten the prize, the Pink Lemonade Shop is giving you a small Planet Wise wet bag {to keep your pads in while away from home} and a bag of Femme Rock.  Femme Rock is a specially formulated laundry detergent just for Mama Cloth!

giveaway pic1

Still want to learn even more about Mama Cloth and reusable menstrual options?  Lindsey, from So Easy Being Green, wrote a series on Mama Cloth to answer all your questions!

You can connect with Pink Lemonade Shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and instagram!

Who’s ready to Jump into Mama Cloth!?

Jump into Mama Cloth

This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on Monday, September 30th.

It is open to US residents, 18+ only.

Please use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter.



Participating bloggers received no compensation for posting this Giveaway.

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Mama Kloth Review #clothpads

So, by now you all know I’m a Cloth Pad user. I cant even begin to tell you, how awesome it’s been to use cloth. It’s so different from disposables in so many ways, good ways that is. Every woman should totally try switching over to cloth pads or a cup. 

Mama Kloth creates functional and modern cloth pads in a variety of pad lengths and absorbencies, from pantyliners to postpartum. A lot of natural fibers are used in the making of Mama Kloth pads, including bamboo, wool and organic cotton. Liners come in a variety of sizes from 6″ to 8″. Everything is handmade with love.

Mama Kloth - Cloth Pad Review @ SewFatty

Sizes Available:  7″|8″|9″|11″|13″

Light Liners: Pantyliner| Thongliners

Mama Kloth Facts:

Topped: 100% cotton, bamboo/organic cotton fleece

Backing (waterproof layer): water resistant fleece 

Watch the video on ‘how the water resistant fleece works’ 

Secure: Poly Resin applied with my heavy duty Kam Snap press.

Extra: Each pad has been quilted and topstitched with special decorative stitching.

 Absorbency : They are liner, so keep in mind they are not absorbent enough for your regular flow these are really meant for discharge, incontinence, or to use with a cup for extra coverage.

Workmanship : Mama Kloth are nicely sewn. Nicole pays attention to detail. The workmanship of her pads are fabulous from the placement of her snaps to the decorative stitching. Nicole recently added a tag to her pads which is awesome, great way to organize your pads by brands.

Style|Fit : Mama Kloth pads have a unique flare to them. In my opinion different from any other pads i’ve seen, they look like sharks to me {in a good way} I love to have a variety of shapes. I loved the fit with the exception that this size was a bit too short, other then that, fit is amazing. I have worn them with leggings and you can’t even notice them, which is a huge plus 🙂  

Not to mention Nicole  is always adding new fabric choices to her shop she has modern, and whimsical fabric choices. Picking fabric will be the hardest thing you have to do.

Overall: I absolutely love my Mama Kloth pads. They are thin, breathable, beautiful. What is not to love about them? Be sure to check Nicole’s shop on Etsy. She also sells pad wrappers, key fob, super cute sleeping masks. I have recently started my cycle again, so I will be adding more pads and liners to my stash.  

Care Instructions :

{Mama Kloth Recommendation} Rinse after use. Store in a bucket of cold water. Wash in cold water along with your other laundry or save for separate wash. Lay flat to dry or dry on low. The bamboo core is very absorbant so you may find just laying them flat to dry overnight works best as they may still be damp when your other laundry is dry. 

Connect with Mama Kloth

Etsy | Facebook 



Have you made the switch ??

If not what is holding you back ? 



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