Adryana’s #BittyBentos – September 2-6

This week has been fun. Marine Parent has a Bento Challenge this month and every day is something different. I’ve continued to make her bento snack at night time that way in the morning we are ready to go and its easy. Have you started to bento ? If so please be sure to share your photos also if your on Instagram be sure to follow me @sewfatty 


Monday – Labor Day {NO SCHOOL}

Tuesday – Carrots, PB dip & raisins in a shape of an A, PB sandwiches, blueberries, kiwi & strawbwrries.


Wednesday – Shine Bright like a Star. Star apples chillen in applecuzzi 🙂 , fig bars, chesse and ham rolls.

Do you like my happy face on the star ?? Any tips on making it better?


Thursday –  Day 5 | Bear PB&J bear, strawberries, homemade oatmeal cookies (Recipe HERE), raisin


Friday – Day 6 | #underthesea fishy apple slices under blueberries, starcheese, sandwich fish on a bed of gold fish with strawberries and blueberries with a flowered ham. My best shot at this under the sea bento 


Hope you all had a fun week more to come this week.

Are you worried about loosing your super cute picks and bento accessories ??

Check out my great friend Lindsey’s post over at So Easy Being Green she has some super cute bento printables.

So Easy Being Greens Printables

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Adryana’s #bittybentos – August 19-23

Hello !! My Bento-ers

This week was great, I planned and made meals the night before. This works great because there was, some mornings this week in which, I was just exhausted, Pshh ..{when are we not exhausted right??}.

Every morning{night} I look forward to making Adryana’s bento snacks, it brings a smile to her face as well as mine. It’s just a small way to show her, just how much I love her.

Monday – PB&J kitty sandwich, blueberries & strawberries, bear and cat slices of cheese

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SewLicious Lactating Cookies

Mothers Milk can take up to 4 weeks to come in. My milk came in 4 days after having little Edward. I took the advice of other moms and would latch him every chance I got. I also would pump when I didnt have him lactched.  Much to my surprise, it helped and I seen milk in the bottle while pumping, I literally started crying, of happiness. As soon as I seen that, I let a few days go by to see how much milk I would produce on my own. It was good but I noticed that he still acted like he wanted more.

So I went to my freezer and ate some Making Mamas Milk lactating cookies to ensure I was giving little Edward enough milk. I know many of us have a problem producing enough milk, and may not have the extra money to purchase these super delish cookies. So here is my version of lactating cookies I bring to you SewLicious . I hope you love them as much as I do. Be sure to Rate this recipe and if possible post some pictures of your cookies.  

SewFatty : Sewlicious Lactation Cookies Recipe by Pollyanna

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