I have a new hobby !!

Cross Stitch has always been a hobby i’ve wanted to try out. A few months ago my great friend netta sent me my very first cross stitch projec. Which included everything I would need to start my project, she even started the big heart for me that way I had some sort of idea on what to do. I seen the pattern and thought ‘OMG’ this is the cutest!! Only bad thing is [what now]. So I set it aside because I was a bit intimidated by it, not to mention mommy duties are never ending. By now.. this project has sat in my sewing room one, too, many months. I wanted to get started on it, even if it meant [ messing it up]. After all that is how you learn! Right?? Much to my surprise I went for it and let me just say, its been such a fun hobby, its very relaxing, therapeutic if you will. I will say that I did mess up and counted wrong and did have to redo a whole line & that was okay. I’m learning its been so fun stitching away… here is what i’m working on.

It is a Kawaii Peanut Butter and Jam by Weelittlestitches 

I love cross stitching




Do you Cross Stitch ?? If so,

How do you organize your projects? 




Sometimes you just gotta do it.. don’t let small stuff hold you back. 


Thank you Netta 

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