Happy Birthday Ashton

Happy Birthday Papi !!



You are 2 years old. Wow, where has the time went. Its so amazing to see you growing each and everyday. You bring so much joy and happiness to our hearts. You are such a loving, caring, crazy, energetic, random little kid. Daddy and I totally planned you and God granted our wish, by giving us YOU. We were in such a hard time in our lives, that it was YOU that made it better. You joined daddy and I and I am forever grateful, to GOD for giving us YOU !! 

Nick names: Papi, Ganga, bam bam, son

Favorite Foods: You are super picky with your food, you are, our little vegetarian. You love all things fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes), you LOVE fries.

Words you say: HI!!!, dad, sissy, brotha, mama, I go, no no no no, Dora, daddy, ah go ??, yum yum and some other random things 🙂 

Haircuts: up to this point you’ve only had 2 hair cuts so far, and the only reason we took you to get a trim was because your hair was bothering you, but we want to leave your hair as is because its just so beautiful and epic. You can choose when you want to cut it. 

Things you love: Cars, dora, big legos you are a organized little kid. You line up all your toys in a row, doenst matter what they are. You will still line them up. I think your getting into your terrible 2’s because your getting a little attitude these days. You love blowing us kisses, and if we don’t blow you a kiss back you get mad and frown your face >:( you enjoy your sissy’s company and you love to play with her. When daddy comes home from work, you run up to him and give him besitos and say “daddddd” its the cutest thing ever.

Where do we live? we currently live in Kingsville, Texas. We are stationed here with daddy for the time being, but will be moving within the next few months to who knows where? we are not sure just yet. We have been here for almost 3 years now. It’s a super small town and nothing really to do, but it’s grown on us and the fact that you and brother were born here. It has a special place in my heart.

Daddy, Sissy, Brother and I love you to the moon and back Papi. Enjoying you in the moment and making memories. 




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Ashton at 20 months !!

My Little Ashton at 20 months old, its a goal of mine to keep track of their age according to their pictures. I want to be able to look back at these post and remember how sweet my little bam bam was at this age, or what we did. Life happens and we forget some special moments, not intentionally but just because we are too busy and I want to be able to remember all of them. Even if its writing them on a blog post.


Ashton’s first time trying Nutella, he loved it so much he wanted ” mas “.935078_407577919362394_1681229571_n

My big boy went potty on ‘the hippo’ daddy, adryana and I did a happy dance 🙂 


Loves getting on daddy’s lawn mower. He loves his Dad.



At 20 months little bam bam went to see his first movie ‘EVER’ Despicable me #2. Hubby saids ‘he is a natural’ he enjoyed the movie and ate his popcorn and soda and fell asleep half way through the movie. Whoot Whoot!!

1069241_401259789994207_992693483_nOh my little Ashton, you love to sleep everywhere. It can be the floor, table sofa anywhere. I guess since your growing so quickly, you require a lot of sleep. hehe 


You love your brother Edward so much. I love cuddling with both of you. This is one of my favorite pictures. 


970456_408436582609861_583524702_nAt 20 months of your life daddy was turning 27 years old. {July 24, 2013}



Sea World for ‘Fourth of July’ our first outing with all you munchkins. 




I love you my little Ashton you are a caring, happy, handsome little boy. Cant wait to see what GOD has planned for you. We love you beyond words.

You say:

spongebob | go | ice | gracias

You love :

minions| dora | diego

You got a haircut this month which would be your second haircut total since you were born. 

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