Jump Into Mama Cloth – #giveaway

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into Mama Cloth and replacing your disposable products with lovely, reusable cloth pads – well, this Event is for YOU!

Jump into Mama Cloth

We have a prize package for you today full of everything you’ll need to make the cloth switch, courtesty of Pink Lemonade Shop and hosted by So Easy Being Green.

Whether you’re looking to start a Mama Cloth stash, or simply adding to an existing one, these 5 reusable cloth pads will probably become your favorite.  Pink Lemonade Shop’s cloth pads receive nothing but rave reviews for their softness, resistance to staining, comfortability, and beauty!

Pink Lemonade Shop Mama Cloth

Within this prize, you’ll receive:

{2} 6″ Original Width Mini Pantyliners in Turquoise and Orange Minky

9″ Day Pad (wide width) in Bubblegum Pink Minky

10″ Heavy Pad (wide width) in Chocolate Brown Minky

11″ Overnight Pad (wide width) in Red Minky

The minky used for these cloth pads is super soft and almost 100% stain resistant – which makes it a perfect Mama Cloth material!

To sweeten the prize, the Pink Lemonade Shop is giving you a small Planet Wise wet bag {to keep your pads in while away from home} and a bag of Femme Rock.  Femme Rock is a specially formulated laundry detergent just for Mama Cloth!

giveaway pic1

Still want to learn even more about Mama Cloth and reusable menstrual options?  Lindsey, from So Easy Being Green, wrote a series on Mama Cloth to answer all your questions!

You can connect with Pink Lemonade Shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and instagram!

Who’s ready to Jump into Mama Cloth!?

Jump into Mama Cloth

This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on Monday, September 30th.

It is open to US residents, 18+ only.

Please use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter.



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Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pads Review #MamasBabe

SewFatty: Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pad Review / www.sewfatty.com

SewFatty: Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pad Review / www.sewfatty.com

Since making the switch to cloth pads, everything just seems to be going very easy. As though I’ve been doing this forever. It amazes me to know how easy this has been. I can’t believe I had not done this any sooner. I can now understand other ladies and their addictions to cloth pads. I find myself stalking cloth pad stores and their sales, I think I’m becoming addicted to cloth pads something like my addiction to cloth diapers 🙂

Eco-Owl by Netta cloth pads are some of my new addiction, these cloth pads are made by an awesome WAHM with two beautiful little girls. That enjoys to sew cloth pads. Here is a little bit more about her.

“My name is Benetta. I’m a Texas girl, mom and a wife, I love to sew, knit, coffee, fabric ,friends, Church, cooking, cleaning, vintage goodies and being a stay at home mom. My mom taught me to sew at a young age and I have always loved it. Okay so I have always been allergic to disposable pads and didn’t know why you might be surprised to learn that there are many chemicals in those plastic and paper products, and we just don’t know what those chemicals do when they are absorbed into our bodies. Those products are in close contact with some of our most sensitive tissues for about 1/4 of our lives during the menstrual years. I knew there had to be a better way. So when I heard about cloth menstrual pads I was intrigued but kind of grossed out. I couldn’t imagine how comfortable they would be and it seemed like a lot of trouble to wash them–but I was really sick of the sweaty, itchy, chafing disposable pads and the real discomfort. So I did some research then I pulled out my machine and made me one to try and loved it no itching and chafing and washing was not gross at all!! So I said to myself, more woman need to know about this so I started making them trying to come up with my own pattern after much testing and tweaking I did and I love it and that’s how I got started with my little cloth pad boutique and I like that I can help others too!!”

SewFatty: Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pad Review / www.sewfatty.com


Sizes Available: 

Light Liners: 8″|10″

Regular Pads: 8″|10″|12″|14″ Snapped Pads measure at 2.5 inches across at the center (except 14″ which has two snaps first snap measures at 2.75 second measures at 2.5)


Eco-Owl Facts:

SewFatty: Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pad Review / www.sewfatty.com

Topped: Quilters cotton or flannel.

Inner Core (absorbent layers): Cotton Terry

Backing (waterproof layer): anti-pill fleece

Pads are Turn and Top Stitched and secured with a metal snap.

 Absorbency : I have two size 10″ pads, one which is regular for moderate flow and another with an extra layer of absorbency both pads have been my “go to” pads. I’ve been using these during the day and let me just say they are amazing. I have gone 2-3 hours without changing them and they have held up great, no leaks, no shifting no problems. (Keep in mind that my period has been heavy due to having a baby recently.)The 14″ and 12″ pads I used for overnight. I have to say these are totally amazing the absorbency truly amazed me. I did not change my pad overnight until the morning, I woke up, no leaks what so ever.

Workmanship : Netta is always striving to bring nothing but the best to her shop, she pays attention to detail. The workmanship of her pads are impeccable from the placement of her snaps to the stitching.

Style|Fit : Eco- Owl pads have a unique flare to them. This look helps with coverage and it totally conforms to your body. The fit is amazing both in the front and back, I have used these pads with tight leggings and jeans and asked my mother if she could notice my pad her response was ” I can’t even see it”. I have not experienced shifting or bunching at all. I love all the sizes, I believe they all suite me well. As far as trimness I think compared to disposables they are thicker of course but the thickness also brings comfortability. If my mom wasn’t able to notice it through my leggings then I would have to say they are trim enough to not be noticed 🙂

My Stats: 

25 years old| 170 lbs | 5’5

Not to mention Netta is always adding new fabric to her shop she has such cute, modern, and whimsical fabric choices. Picking fabric will be the hardest thing you have to do 🙂

Overall: I absolutely love my Eco-Owl pads. It was definitely love at first sight 🙂 I placed an order with Netta before even reviewing them I guess I just had a feeling I would like them. I ended up loving them so much I have a few more coming my way along with a super cute bag 🙂 Netta is such an amazing person, she offers amazing customer service her products speak for themselves. Prices are totally affordable you just cant beat that !! Netta makes cloth pads, wet bags, pad wrappers, lip stick holders and recently added a super cute cloth pad key chain to her shop be sure to stop by and “LIKE” her page and see all her beautiful creations.

SewFatty: Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pad Review / www.sewfatty.com

Care Instructions : (Netta’s Recommendation, this is exactly how I care for my pads as well.)Pad care is easy! After use, I recommend rinsing your pad until the water runs clear. I like to use Buncha farmers stain stick just rub on when rinsing. Store your pad until wash time in a wetbag or container (be sure to store them in an open topped container or wash them in a timely manner to avoid mildew). When you are ready to wash your pads, you may want to run a pre-rinse cycle. After that, wash them on low or warm. Tumble dry on low or air dry.

Eco-Owl by Netta will be offering super cute pads for our “Mamas got a brand new babe Event” be sure to come back. HINT: Leave a Comment 🙂


Do you wear Cloth Pads? What made you convert?


Connect with Eco-Owl by Netta 


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Why use Cloth Menstrual Pads?
Benefits and so much more.. {Part. 1}


Why use Cloth Menstrual Pads ?

  • Eco-Friendly  
  • Money Saver
  • No toxic chemicals on your skin
  • Cloth Pads are way more comfortable
  • Cloth Pads will not chafe or irritate your skin
  • They come in different shapes, sizes, absorbencies according to your bodies shape and flow.
  • Cloth Pads don’t trap moisture and sweat
  • No odor (chemicals in disposable pads cause odor)
  • Not to mention super cute fabric choices and materials (you ladies know exactly what I’m talking about!)
  • You don’t ever  have to send your spouse/mom/sister/friend to the store to get you pads and have to worry if they will get you the correct ones. (I know you can all relate to this one right ??)
  • Some say that it can also reduce cramping

Have you heard that using a natural product after childbirth actually speeds up post partum healing? I read it in a few places and thought that was great! It only makes sense that using the disposables against a delicate injured area would slow down healing but I hadnt thought of it before. – Nicole from Mama Kloth 

How many Cloth Pads will I need ? Best way to determine this will be keeping track of how many disposable pads you go through within a day. Once you get a number multiply it by two, this is if you wash every other day. The amount of cloth pads you have will determine how often you will have to wash. Also keeping in mind that the more cloth pads you have the less wear you will have on each one and will last longer same concept with cloth diapers. I’m currently not sure how many cloth pads I myself will be going through so once I know I will update you all on my numbers and take a photo of my stash.

How do you care for Cloth Pads ? Since cloth is nothing new in our family. Due to cloth diapering my son I have a good concept of how I will go about keeping my cloth pads nice and fresh. I plan on doing these steps.

  • Rinse in cold water after use, till water runs clear
  • If stained ( I will be using Buncha Farm stick on it)
  • Toss pad(s) in a wetbag until wash day. (be sure to wash pads in a timely manner to avoid mildew)
  • Fluff Laundry Day:
  1. Run a pre-rinse cycle on cold (no detergent)
  2. Wash them on low or warm using an eco-friendly detergent (ex. Rockin Green, Femme Rock)
  3. Tumble dry on low or air dry on my DIY indoor clothes line.
  4. After they are fully dry, put them away in my cute basket and wait till my next cycle.

There will be more information in Part 2 (traveling with cloth pads, what materials you will need to start using cloth pads) so please stay tuned… 

 You can also reference to my Cloth Pad Q&A Post 


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