Avoiding Summer Bugs

Summer time bugs can be very annoying. When we lived in Texas, we battled with mosquitos.Those pesky things were so huge and we would wake up with so many bites. Seriously, ridiculous! I learned a few tips from my fellow “crunchy friends” on how to avoid these bugs. Here they are: 

  • plant neem, citronella, marigold or garlic in your garden/ balcony/ patio to put mosquios off, they do not like the smell of these plants. 
  • Close doors and windows in your house early, use nets along the windows to prevent the mosquitoes from entering your house. (When opening the door to exit, have a fly swatter ready to kill any that have entered.) Make sure your kids apply mosquito repellent before they step out of the house. One of my favorite Natural Repellent is by “BalmBaby – Shue Bug!” 
  • Apply these essential oils; either on the skin, clothes, bed sheets { lavender oil, soya oil, citronella, lemon and eucalyptus, peppermint} All are known for their mosquito repellent. 
  • Mosquitos do not like the smell of peppermint, so you can crush up the leaves and rub it on your skin to ward them off.
  • Make sure there is no “sitting water” Mosquitos are attracted to humidity, water. So keep any sitting water away from your home. 

I hope that my tips help you with Summer Bugs. Be sure to check out facts on mosquitos, super interesting. 


Happy Summer. Enjoy. Stay away from Bugs 🙂 

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Why I love Rockin Green ?

Why I love Rockin Green ? www.sewfatty.com

The Summer of 2012 was so awesome, we spent almost three weeks in San Antonio area due to my hubby getting eye surgery. I asked my hubs if he would take me to the Rockin Green HeadQuarters, and of course he said “YES”.  Which was so awesome to be able to check out the detergent company I use for our munchkins diapers. We got to see all the behind the scenes on my favorite soap for Cloth Diapers and Cloth Pads. Marci took us to the warehouse to show us all the merchandise and talk to us a little more on how Rockin Green came about. Kim the CEO of Rockin Green started this company right out of her kitchen and has grown this HUGE company and are now selling worldwide. 

These pictures are from their old warehouse, they have recently moved to a new location. Which I hope, I am able to visit soon. Visiting them, made me feel closer to them in a way – weird I know 🙂 

Why Do I love Rockin Green

Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent is an eco-friendly detergent that is not only for your cloth diapers but also for your clothes. It contains NO Enzymes, Phosphates, Optical Brighteners, SLS, Parabens. 

All our ingredients are biodegradable – even the packaging is 100% recyclable! The Scents are AMAZING and with that they are not harmful they are made from distillations of natural essential oils – never artificial scents.

When buying Rockin Green, you have sense of pride. To know you are buying from a Family owned business and to be able to contribute to that is amazing. I started my cloth diaper journey with another brand of detergent, which didn’t work out well for us. I finally made the switch to Rockin Green, and have loved everything about it. It washes my sons diapers well, I have no issues. I understand that everyone is different, but for me Rockin Green has been my ‘IT’ diaper detergent for well over 2 years now. 

Why I love Rockin Green ? www.sewfatty.com

Why I love Rockin Green ? www.sewfatty.com

Why I love Rockin Green ? www.sewfatty.com

Have you tried Rockin Green Soap ? 


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