Mason Jar happiness with my Cuppow

I love me some Cuppow

What you sipping on ?? I’m sipping on a mason jar with a Cuppow !! I love me some Cuppow !!

I love me some mason jars!!  Everything tastes so much better in a mason jar. Don’t you think?

 Cuppows as drinking lids and the BNTO as a lunchbox adaptor


Some may not like mason jars because without a lid,  it’s not very on-the-go friendly. So I found Cuppow for our mason jars. Making my love for mason jars grow even more.

What are Cuppow ? They are canning jar drinking lids to add to your favorite jar. They are made from recycled materials. making your drink spill- free. They are made in the USA, BPA Free, Phthalate Free. They are eco-friendly and totally awesome. 

I love me some CuppowWhy do I love drinking out of jars ? its glass, which is eco-friendly its easy to clean and I hate drinking out of plastic cups. (Don’t ask, I just can’t stand drinking out of plastic cups.)

Cuppow makes it easy to take your jar on the go with you, its reusable and you’ll get rid of having to use those disposable cups. Not to mention you can drink with style, my friend HustleMama has a cute Etsy shop where she also sells cuppows and super cute Mason Jars.

Are you a working mama, and take your lunch on the go ?? Check out these Cuppow BNTO – lunchbox adaptor. I love using these for my salads, or protein shakes for my hubby. They are so easy and convenient to use.

BNTO – Cuppow is one of their newest canning jar adapter for bringing great food with you on the go. It’s conveniently shaped insert that fits right in your mason jar but separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a BOSS!!! 

I love me some Cuppow


Get your Cuppow today. 


I love me some Cuppow


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I have a new hobby !!

Cross Stitch has always been a hobby i’ve wanted to try out. A few months ago my great friend netta sent me my very first cross stitch projec. Which included everything I would need to start my project, she even started the big heart for me that way I had some sort of idea on what to do. I seen the pattern and thought ‘OMG’ this is the cutest!! Only bad thing is [what now]. So I set it aside because I was a bit intimidated by it, not to mention mommy duties are never ending. By now.. this project has sat in my sewing room one, too, many months. I wanted to get started on it, even if it meant [ messing it up]. After all that is how you learn! Right?? Much to my surprise I went for it and let me just say, its been such a fun hobby, its very relaxing, therapeutic if you will. I will say that I did mess up and counted wrong and did have to redo a whole line & that was okay. I’m learning its been so fun stitching away… here is what i’m working on.

It is a Kawaii Peanut Butter and Jam by Weelittlestitches 

I love cross stitching




Do you Cross Stitch ?? If so,

How do you organize your projects? 




Sometimes you just gotta do it.. don’t let small stuff hold you back. 


Thank you Netta 

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My First MugSwap !! #mugswap2013

Mug Swap, what ?? I seen a photo pop up on my Instagram feed about the upcoming swap – hosted by  Kim . I was totally intrigued and thought ‘I gotta join in on the fun’. 

My assignement was Katy . She described their taste as: birds, maps/globes, vintage, trees, leaf decor, JEEP girl. Along with a little bit about her.  I’m a lover of vintage goods & old houses…just moved into a 1938 house. Starting the homeschool journey this fall. Momma of 2 littles, married to my Lifetime Love for 10 years.

It was so much fun, searching for the ‘RIGHT’ mug. I wasnt too sure what to get her, but as soon as I seen it on Etsy. I knew I had to get her that one. It was about her ‘New Home’, vintage, it also had lead decor. Everything about this mug to me was perfect for her. I’m so glad she loved it, it felt great to be able to make someone else day, to give. Katy and I are now friends on Instagram and its just so nice to be able to have a new friend and share some interest, most importantly GOD.MugSwap 2013

 Now what about my mug  ??MugSwap 2013

Her name is Emily, she really paid attention to detail, as far as, what I wrote under my ‘likes’. Since i love nautical things, she figured this super adorable mug fit the description well…and … IT DID!!!  The colors are some of my favorite. Its bright, big and the octopus looks amazing. Emily also sent a cute little notepad and lip balm. This swap was awesome, you get to make new friends, and give to others. Such an amazing feeling. Looking forward to next years. Thank you Kim for hosting this amazing swap. 

So be sure to mark your calendar/ phones
and sign up next year.
seriously you wont want to miss out 


MugSwap 2013



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