Loving my JetPens

I love My JetPens. Enter to win some

So, I was recently checking my Instagram feed and came across a beautiful planner. I asked a few questions, after a bit of researching. I made planning a new hobby – like I don’t already have tons to do. Not only because it’s fun, but also because I need organization in my life and I really need to plan out my day. So that I can accomplish all that needs get done. So I received my planner and will start planning out my day –  that being said I need some awesome pens to write down all my to do’s. 

So the awesome peeps over at JetPens, sent over some super awesome pens/pencils. Let me tell you more about each one. 

I love My JetPens. Enter to win some

Coleto: (Purple Ink)I used the 0.4 size pen. Aesthetically, they are pretty simple. They have a rubber strip at the bottom of the pen to make gripping easier and bit more comfortable. The ink flow is pretty good it worked consistent with me. However I do want to try the 0.5. I love that it’s three inks in one. The popping of the top is not as sturdy as I would like it but it’s still good, they are definitely affordable which is a plus. How to add your Coleto Ink Refills mini video.

 Staedtler Triplus Fineliners: (Blue Ink)0.3 tips they are firm, but not hard. The triangle shape makes them look cool (in my opinion). I tested them on regular white paper and on my filofax paper. I am pleased to say that these pens did not bleed through, which was a huge plus for me. I am impressed by the durability of these pens I left one out for a little more then 30 minutes and I came back to it. It was still working amazing. If you are looking to write with a fine (marker type pen) this is the pen for you.  
Zebra Fullst Shaker Pencil: (pencil) 0.5 lead point. This mechanical pencil is amazing. It has a shaker feature, you shake it and the lead comes out. It comes in super cute colors. It has a rubber grip at the bottom to make gripping easier and comfortable. It writes awesome, it’s a bit thicker then other pencils but I love that. Overall I love this lead pencil. 
JetPens is dedicated to providing unique, high-quality writing instruments and stationery products with fast shipping and top-notch service. They carry many hard to find products that you can only buy through them. I worked with Elaine and she has been totally fabulous. Not to mention they offer FREE SHIPPING over $25. Overall, I am super happy I found JetPens, their selection of stationary products is amazing, their site is easy to navigate (user friendly). Customer Service is Excellent and the selections are endless and affordable. What more can you ask for? They are simply amazing.  I love JetPens, and cannot wait to place an order for more awesome pens and pencils.
Pollyannas Planner Pack
But wait!!  JetPens is being so generous and is giving away my
“Pollyanna’s Planner Pack” How awesome are they?? 
Get Connected with JetPens 
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Valenzuela’s way’s on Going Green

Living a green life, is important to our family. We try to teach our kids the importance of preserving the earth. We are not perfect and I’m sure there are other ways to be green, but here are some ways we the Valenzuela’s try to be Green. 

Valenzuela Boys in Cloth Diapers

1. Cloth Diapers: our boys are cloth diapered, we avoid using disposable diapers, they just add more waste to our landfills. With cloth diapers we just keep on reusing them, they are better for our babies, the environment and money saver. 

2. Lights Off : I remember my dad always telling us to “turn off the lights if you’re not using them”. So since forever, I’ve always had that instilled in me. Funny thing is, even when I’m not in my own home, and visiting a friend, my parents home. I still tend to turn off people’s lights. 🙂  So we teach our kids the same, its such an important thing to teach them. 

3. Reusable Napkins : we DO NOT buy paper hand towels. We think of it as a waste of money, and more waste added to our landfills. So we choose to not buy them and we use cloth napkins, our kids are so used to it, that it doesn’t phase them to not have paper towels. 

4. Lead by example : our kids do everything we do. So be a good example to them,  and they will follow. 

New Leaf

New Leaf Energy believes that we should all make a positive impact to the environment and that you don’t have to completely change your life in order to do so. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing 100% renewable energy to Texans, along with a wealth of helpful and practical green living tips.

New Leaf Energy is planting one tree for every new Facebook “like”! Head over there now: (New Leaf Energy Facebook pagePlanting trees is a great way to help teach your children to go green! It’s easy, eventful, and memorable! 



How do you teach your kids to go green? Share your tips! 



This post is sponsored by Direct Energy, but my support for their green efforts is all my own!
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#HolidayCloth Twitter Party RSVP

Twitter Party
Have you made the switch yet? You know, to Cloth Pads ?? If you have not and would like to, or just want to add more to your stash this is a great Giveaway for you. My friend Alex over at Mommy’s Craft Obsession is hosting this awesome giveaway. Were talking – Pink Lemonade Shop, Rockin Green my favorite if you ask me. 
So be sure to join us at 9:00pm Eastern for your chance to win 1 of 3 party packages or 1 of 2 grand prize packages!
Only those who RSVP and who are actively tweeting at the party will have the opportunity to win!
Not sure the best way to attend a Twitter party? Click here to get some more information
When: December 3rd, 9pm Eastern
Where: Twitter!
Hashtag: #HolidayCloth
RSVP: Open throughout the party, must be RSVPed AND Actively Tweeting to Win!
Make sure you’re following these three Twitter Handles!
@loveMCO, @PinkLemonadeSue, @RockinGreenSoap


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