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Mothers Milk can take up to 4 weeks to come in. My milk came in 4 days after having little Edward. I took the advice of other moms and would latch him every chance I got. I also would pump when I didnt have him lactched.  Much to my surprise, it helped and I seen milk in the bottle while pumping, I literally started crying, of happiness. As soon as I seen that, I let a few days go by to see how much milk I would produce on my own. It was good but I noticed that he still acted like he wanted more.

So I went to my freezer and ate some Making Mamas Milk lactating cookies to ensure I was giving little Edward enough milk. I know many of us have a problem producing enough milk, and may not have the extra money to purchase these super delish cookies. So here is my version of lactating cookies I bring to you SewLicious . I hope you love them as much as I do. Be sure to Rate this recipe and if possible post some pictures of your cookies.  

SewFatty : Sewlicious Lactation Cookies Recipe by Pollyanna

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Mrs. Patel’s for Nursing Moms

As you all may know, I’m going on four months strong, breastfeeding my little Edward. This makes me so proud,SewFatty : Mrs. Patel's Review of combo pack #lacationproblems I never thought I would do it for this long, I want to continue breastfeeding him until God allows me to. I came across Mrs.Patel’s on instagram. I seen Anhoni (the owner) post a picture of their Fenugreek bar. I was intrigued, I’ve seen lactating cookies but never bars. Anhoni sent me her Package Combo, includes Fenugreek Bars, Milk Water Tea and Munch Crunch.

Mrs. Patel’s ingredients are based on the tenets of Ayurveda (a system of traditional medicine native to India), their  ingredients have been used by nursing mothers in India for thousands of years. These delicious treats are ideal for postpartum mothers, or mother’s who are experiencing a lack of low milk supply.

Anhoni started her business after going back to work and realizing her milk supply went down. She remembered her mother’s recipe and started to whip up some bars, teas and munch crunch. Anhoni’s goal is to help other mothers having the same problem, and just wanting to make things easier for you. Having a low supply and or healing after baby is some serious stuff and can get be a bit overwhelming, but with proper supplies we can all rest assured.

SewFatty : Mrs. Patel's Review of combo pack #lacationproblems My experience with the Fenugreek bars was great. They have a very “herbal” taste, if you will. The original flavor was great, but the peanut butter and chocolate were my favorite it kinda disguises the “herbal” taste a bit. They are the perfect size and taste great with Milk Water Chai Tea in the morning, afternoon or evening tastes good anytime of the day. I ate the Munch Crunch by themselves in the morning, have to say the taste again is very herbal, and it might take some moms some time to acquire the taste, so what I did was sprinkle a little bit on my oatmeal in the morning and even added some to my morning shakes. I have to say I preferred eating them this way best. Don’t get me wrong, I eat a lot of things for the effect they do in my body not so much for taste, if they taste good that is always a plus. I noticed a huge change in my supply, it got to the point that I had to spread out my bars and tea’s out during the week. My milk supply went up so much my little Edward would get full too quickly and I would still need to pump to feel comfortable. I wished I had these after having Edward to see how they would work with my recovery, but based on the ingredients they have. I have no doubt in my mind they would help with recovery postpartum. Overall I really liked the bars, tea {I’ve become a tea drinker, these days} and the munch crunch I would totally recommend these if you are trying to boost your milk supply or recently had a baby.

*This product should only be taken AFTER delivery.

*Allergy Warning: Contains wheat, dairy & nuts.

To read more on the ingredients please visit Mrs.Patel’s Website

Mrs. Patel’s is giving away a Combo Package to one of my readers.

 New Customers get 20% off your first order! Just plug-in “MAKEMILK” into the “Apply Coupon” field at checkout.



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Disclosure: I received this combo pack  for review. No other compensation was given for this post. All descriptions, photographs & opinions are my own & my family’s.



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Making Mamas Milk Lactating Cookies Review #MamasBabe

As some may know I am on a mission, to make some more “liquid gold” for my little Edward. I decide to try lactating cookies. Some moms say they work and some say they really don’t notice a difference. My question to them is have you tried “Making Mamas Milk Lactating Cookies”?

Making Mamas Milk is owned by Dori she is a WAHM of 5 kids, that understands other mothers desire to be able to breastfeed and provide milk for their babies. That’s why Dori came up with the best recipe to help mother’s boost their milk supply for their babies in a form of a Cookie! By far “The Best” cookie I have tasted ! Making Mamas Milk uses nothing but the BEST ingredients ALL organicALL 100% dairy free. A combination of Fenugreek, Flax Seed, Brewers Yeast, Whole rolled Oats, Whole Wheat Flour is what makes these cookie’s boost your milk supply and of course all the LOVE Dori put’s into every batch she makes.

Sewfatty: Making Mama's Milk Lactating Cookies Review/

Making Mamas Milk cookies come in 4 different flavors Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Butterscotch, Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice. I have tasted 3 out of the 4 and I will say they are AMAZING. I chew them forever to savor the flavor, they are that good. I drink plenty of water while I eat them which is also recommended. These cookies are so moist, the flavor is just to die for. These cookies can be frozen and taken out as you eat them. Some say “they wont taste the same” well I am here to tell you. “Yes” they do taste just the same as they did when first out the oven. My cookies have been frozen over a month and half and I must say they still taste amazing, fresh, and are moist. This is the difference when buying from a handmade business to a factory business. Handmade is always better 🙂 So not only are they amazingly tasty, but do they work? Yes Yes Yes !!! They have boosted my milk supply like crazy little Edward has been getting so full he actually spits up some after feedings which is something he wasn’t doing before then again I am being a chubby bunny and eating 2 cookies a day. I am still having some painfulness while latching on. I spoke with the breastfeeding counselor she said’s I am doing everything correct, that my nipples just have to toughen up which will happen in a few weeks. Not really sure what that means, I’m just praying the pain goes away. Until then I will deal with it and keep on eating my super amazing cookies to be able to provide my little Edward with the “liquid gold”. Lastly I want to say that I love these cookies so much I bought 20 more cookies from Dori and I also bought some from Up On the Hill and will continue to buy them. Dori has amazing customer service and if you have not tried these cookies please be sure to do so. They are delicious, great price compared to “other companies” and knowing you are helping another WAHM takes the prize for me. I support WAHM 100%.

Click Here to see a mini clip of my first cookie before the rest being put away for a whole month !!

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         Have you tried Lactating Cookies to boost your milk supply? 

Making Mama’s Milk will be giving away a month supply of cookie (30) their choice of flavor for “Mamas got a brand new babe Event” be sure to come back.

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