Adryana’s Back to School Week – BittyBentos August 12-16

Back to School !!


Happy First Week of School for us 🙂 We have started our bento week, feeling good about it so far. I thought I would feel overwhelmed, but planning ahead and getting it done the night before is the trick. Here is what I packed this week : 

Monday : First time making her bento snack in the am. I was a bit slow this morning. {Kiwi slices, sandwiches in triangle shape, grapes, with lot’s of LOVE. 


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Food Made Fun with FunBites

SewFatty: Funbites Review kicking off #BittyBentos

As some of you may know, I have started making bento lunches for Adryana and Ashton just for fun here at home. I will soon start making Adryana a bento snack to take to school everyday (God willing).

A few things, I have noticed are that making fun lunches really do make kids want to eat. Ashton is a SewFatty: Funbites Review kicking off #BittyBentos picky eater, I have to really try with him. If he doesn’t like the texture or look of the food he will NOT eat it, and if I try to force it on him, he gags. 🙁 For example I made him a peanut butter sandwich as a whole, results ? he did not eat it. So now it was time to try out our new FunBites, hoping these would help since they are bite size. I made him breakfast and cut his toast with FunBites. Much to my surprise, he ate them all. He sat in his big boy Toy’s Story chair and finished his food. I was one happy mama. Adryana on the other hand just thinks this whole new Bento lunch is totally fun. She is a great eater, no problem with her. My little chubby bunny. She loves getting new Bento items, it’s awesome to see her face light up.

So how do you use these awesome FunBites? Check out my quick video.

What I love about FunBites: 

  • They are easy to use, very sturdy.
  • They have handles and poppers to pop food out after its been cut. No need to push it out with your fingers. (I’m sure all you moms can relate to this, if you’ve used any other cutters)
  • They are made in the USA. whoot whoot!!
  • They are BPA FREE
  • Invented by a mom that also had a picky eater.
  • Hand wash or dishwasher safe.
  • What is there not to like about FunBites

I absolutely love our new FunBites they have made my little Ashton eat sandwiches (which is huge). FunBites belong in every home with munchkins. They are super easy to use, and wash. FunBites come in three different shapes hearts, triangle, squares. These are a total must have.

You can also make yourself an awesome refreshing drink with FunBites.

SewFatty: Funbites Review kicking off #BittyBentos

  • 8 oz. water
  • 1-2 TBS of brown sugar
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • bite size watermelon
  • Stir a bit
  • ENJOY!!!





Be sure to check out Lindsey’s FunBites review over at So Easy Being Green 

SewFatty: Funbites Review kicking off #BittyBentos

We’re kicking off the #bittybentos Series with an awesome giveaway. YAY!!! 

Enter below using Rafflecopter.

It is open to US and Canadian residents


Disclosure: I received FunBites for the purpose of this review, no other compensation was given for this post. All descriptions, photographs & opinions are my own & my family’s.


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New Series on the Blog #bittybentos

Sewfatty: New Series on the Blog #bittybentos

I’m so excited to announce that SewFatty is teaming up with So Easy Being Green on a fun “bento inspired meals” for our little ones. We are calling this new series “Bitty Bentos”. We were inspired by April over at MarineParent. I want to create beautiful memories for my munchkins, something that they can later on look back at, and just know how much I love them. I want Adryana to open up her bento box at school and be surprised and quite honestly something to look forward to. I believe it’s a great idea whether you have a good or picky eater. Kids like fun stuff, so this just adds a bit of enjoyment to their meals. In this new series (theme) we will talk about the hows and whys to bento, even some tutorials.

Also the series will not only be featured on the blog, but all of SewFatty & SEBG’s Social Media. We’re encouraging everyone to share their #BittyBentos Snacks and Meals with the hashtag. We’ll be randomly rewarding those that do, with some fun bento supplies to keep you going and keep the creative meals flowing!

SewFatty: #BittyBentos Series
Have you heard of Bento before?
Will you be joining us on the fun?
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