Adryana’s #bittybentos – September 9-13

Last week was a bit hectic and super tiring, I forgot to snap a few pictures during the week. So sorry, but I do have some fun new lunch bags I bought Adryana. My friend Angela makes them and sells them on her Etsy shop


Tuesday :  Simple !! Homemade banana chips they came out amazing, however they do take super long to get nice and crispy, asian pear & blueberries, ham & cheese rolls. 


Thursday{Picture Day} Adryana chose what she wanted in her bento today!!  Cheese & crackers, ham flowers, halves grapes, PB&J mini-sandwich.



These are the super cute Bento Lunch Bags bentobags

The fabric choices are so precious, she is my super girl / princess / wears glasses 🙂 bentobag


Adryana loves her new bento bags, they are special and just add on to her Bento Excitement!!

It’s Sew Angela Etsy Shop 

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Adryana’s #BittyBentos – September 2-6

This week has been fun. Marine Parent has a Bento Challenge this month and every day is something different. I’ve continued to make her bento snack at night time that way in the morning we are ready to go and its easy. Have you started to bento ? If so please be sure to share your photos also if your on Instagram be sure to follow me @sewfatty 


Monday – Labor Day {NO SCHOOL}

Tuesday – Carrots, PB dip & raisins in a shape of an A, PB sandwiches, blueberries, kiwi & strawbwrries.


Wednesday – Shine Bright like a Star. Star apples chillen in applecuzzi 🙂 , fig bars, chesse and ham rolls.

Do you like my happy face on the star ?? Any tips on making it better?


Thursday –  Day 5 | Bear PB&J bear, strawberries, homemade oatmeal cookies (Recipe HERE), raisin


Friday – Day 6 | #underthesea fishy apple slices under blueberries, starcheese, sandwich fish on a bed of gold fish with strawberries and blueberries with a flowered ham. My best shot at this under the sea bento 


Hope you all had a fun week more to come this week.

Are you worried about loosing your super cute picks and bento accessories ??

Check out my great friend Lindsey’s post over at So Easy Being Green she has some super cute bento printables.

So Easy Being Greens Printables

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