Stonyfield Whole Milk Smoothies

Hi, Friends.

I am super excited to share the newest Stonyfield product – whole milk smoothies. These smoothies have less sugar than their original smoothies, with with the same great taste. They have 6 grams of proteins, along with 6 live active cultures, vitamin A, D, and calcium.

They come in Peach or Strawberry and they’re both super delish. They are perfect for “on-the-go” sometimes I’m running errands and don’t have quite enough time to make something to eat. I grab one of these smoothies and it holds me up from being hungry. Not to mention the kids absolutely love these smoothies, if it wasn’t for me putting a limit to the smoothies they drank. I wouldn’t have any by the end of the day. hehe. I’ve also been adding one to my daughter’s lunch, and she loves them. 

In the summer time, I want to make some yogurt pops. I made those last year and they were a big hit! 

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Start 2015 with good health & fitness with Sara Lee®

Tracking PixelSara Lee Bread

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sara Lee®. All opinions are my own.

As many of you may know, that I’m on a fitness journey. Its not for a little while, its a total lifestyle.Sara Lee Bread It’s not easy, but seeing results and feeling great is what motivates me to continue doing what I’m doing. If you are also thinking of making a change for your life this coming year. My advice to you is “just do it” you’ll thank yourself later, and say “why didn’t i do this earlier? Feeling good about yourself and having that confidence you didn’t have is one of the best feelings ever. I encourage you to get your butt up, and kick some butt in 2015. Sara Lee wants to hear your story, by participating in the 45 Delightful People program found here:

Sara Lee Bread

We are all winners!!! So, each participant in the 45 Delightful People program will automatically receive a free tee-shirt. YAY!! How awesome is that? 

Sara Lee Bread

 Having a IIFYM diet allows me to eat whatever what I want, so long as it fits my MACROS. So, looking at the nutritional facts for me is always running through my head. Sara Lee® Delightful Breads is only 45 calories per full-size slice. The Delightful breads are all heart-healthy and provide an excellent source of fiber in each serving (2 slices). There are no artificial colors or flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. There is also new flavors in the Delightful line, 100% Whole Wheat (made with real honey), Healthy Multi-Grain and Wheat. So many to choose from to float your boat. 

There are so many ways to enjoy Sara Lee® Delightful bread. Healthy french toast, PB & Jam, hummus, toasted with eggs the possibilities are endless. You can find the Delightful bread in all supermarkets nationwide and has an average price of $3.29 per 20 oz. package not bad for healthy eating.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sara Lee®.

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How do you fuel your body? Let’s talk Stonyfield.

I’ve been on a workout kick these days. Now, that we are living in San Diego, I see life in a different way. (kinda crazy but, like my husband said ” the location of where you live, just changes the outlook you have on life” and I can honestly say; It has proven to be, true for me. The beautiful weather here, just motivates me to be healthy, fit and just love being out and about. I didn’t feel this way in Texas so its such a great feeling for me.

What fuels me ?  Stonyfield Greek Yogurt makes a great post workout snack. I can indulge in a flavored yogurt and not feel guilty. I can also take it on the go, as well as cooking with it. I can also give it to my kids (whom love, love it) 

Greek Yogurt gives me that energy before and after the gym. Makes my bones stronger. Why? would I not want to have some amazing Stonyfield Yogurt? 🙂 It’s a great substitution for sour cream, milk. 

It feels great to eat clean, I feel energized and I can honestly say I am super happy about myself and just life. (we are what we eat)


Did you know that, Stonyfield was the official sponsor for the Boston Marathon? Little Edward holding his Yummy StonyField Yogurt

  • They sent 10 runners who just missed the cut off due to this year’s large amount of sign ups
  • Handing out hundreds of thousands of cups of organic yogurt on race day – to runners, their families, volunteers, etc

It was so awesome to see the official logo to the Boston Marathon on our yogurts. 

Life can get hectic and stressful. Just remember that feeling great about yourself is what will keep you going. Stonyfield helps me, stay healthy, fit and motivated. 


Healthy Eating!

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