Holiday Cards via #Minted


The Holidays are a wonderful time for baking and making, and certainly crafting. I came across an idea on Pinterest and was thinking about making handmade Holiday Cards for my family and friends. I love to send out well designed, beautiful, unique cards that makes the recipient feel special. took care of my to do’s. By simply being amazing and saving me a lot of time. They offer a huge selection of modern card designs, really chic, each of which can be further customized by adding my own photo, selecting design colors & text, and choosing from several darling shapes of cards. The process of downloading my photo and playing around with the customizing options was quite simple, and fun.


I mean not only can you personalize by adding photos and changing up the lettering, but you can also customize your envelope liners. I mean how special is that?
I ordered postcards and on the back of the post card, it gave me the option to add a short family letter. I chose a photo instead. I just love the different options. 
Another reason why is so amazing, you can customize projects and save for later. I couldn’t decide on two holidays cards, so I customized both and once I seen them side by side I was able to make a decision. Well, I mean who am I kidding? I wanted both hehe.
 Lastly. Minted offers top notch customer service via email, phone, and even live chat. I had a question regarding my order. I clicked on the LIVE CHAT link within seconds I was connected with a customer service representative. He was super helpful and answered my question. 

Overall, I love Minted. They are my go to website for my holiday cards. I imagine some people may think they are a little pricier than some people would be willing to spend, but they are also a really great value when you consider the high quality. 

This is my second year i’ve created my Holiday cards with Minted, giving me extra time with my little munchkins. Minted take care of all the making, all I have to do is send them out. 

Be sure to visit Minted. Create your own Holiday Cards, thank you cards, invitations. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook or main site for any ongoing sales. 
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Halloween Puppy Chow



A few years ago my husband made Puppy Chow for me, I was a bit confused by the name but non the less I fell in love. Seriously I couldn’t stop eating this stuff. I made a trip to Walli World trying to figure out a good halloween treat for Adryana’s teacher and staff. I thought why not make Puppy Chow? It’s easy and delicious 

This snack is perfect for a movie night, teacher treats, on the go snack. Really for any occasion. I hope you enjoy these treats as much as our family. 

How to make your treats look like mine???

After the cool down period I put the puppy chow in mason jars and wrapped a cute fabric bow around. Super easy, fun and delish. 


Halloween Puppy Chow
A delicious snack for any occasion.
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  1. 8-10 Cups of Chex rice cereal squares
  2. 1 (12oz.) bag of chocolate chips or Melts
  3. 1/2 Cup of Creamy Peanut Butter
  4. 1 Cup of powdered sugar
  5. 1 large ziplock plastic bag
  6. 1 1/2 Cups. Reese's Pieces
  1. ** Grab your ziplock bag add 1 cup of powdered sugar to it, and set aside)**
  2. 1. Combine chocolate chips & peanut butter in a pot on medium heat. Stir until smooth.
  3. 2. Add the Chex cereal (a little bit at a time) and gently fold until all cereal is coated.
  4. 3. Put your chocolatey goodness inside the bag with sugar.
  5. 4. Seal the bag and shake, shake, shake until all is covered.
  6. (Add powdered sugar to the bag as needed until all the mixture is coated.)
  7. 5. Drop them all on a baking sheet and let them cool.
  8. 6. Add Reese's Pieces for some fun colors.
  9. 7. Enjoy !!
  1. You can also add Candy Corn for variety and color.



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Happy 26th Birthday to me !!!

It’s my 26th birthday today!!!

I couldn’t be any happier. I have an amazing husband three healthy kids that make my life so crazy but so worth living. I have the greatest Parents in the world seriously they are the BEST! My beautiful sisters and brother that have my back no matter what! And so many friends and followers on FaceBook & Intagram.


Sewfatty turns 26 years old

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