SewLicious Lactating Cookies

Mothers Milk can take up to 4 weeks to come in. My milk came in 4 days after having little Edward. I took the advice of other moms and would latch him every chance I got. I also would pump when I didnt have him lactched.  Much to my surprise, it helped and I seen milk in the bottle while pumping, I literally started crying, of happiness. As soon as I seen that, I let a few days go by to see how much milk I would produce on my own. It was good but I noticed that he still acted like he wanted more.

So I went to my freezer and ate some Making Mamas Milk lactating cookies to ensure I was giving little Edward enough milk. I know many of us have a problem producing enough milk, and may not have the extra money to purchase these super delish cookies. So here is my version of lactating cookies I bring to you SewLicious . I hope you love them as much as I do. Be sure to Rate this recipe and if possible post some pictures of your cookies.  

SewFatty : Sewlicious Lactation Cookies Recipe by Pollyanna

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Breastfeeding Little Edward – Behind the Scenes Update

SewFatty: Breastfeeding Update on my little Edward

Last month I let you all in on my breasfteeding journey. Some of the obstacles I faced were not fun.  This month I am here to tell you, that breasfteeding does get better. I remember having some mamas tell me “it get’s easier”, yet in the back of my mind, I thought yeah well when is that supposed to happen ? Believe it or not it really does get better. In the beginning it feels as though all you do all day is sit and feed baby and change diapers.

I’m here to tell that you, that you are making the right choice, and though you may feel like a zombie most of time. <– trust me, I know all about this. It’s great to know that you are giving your baby the best of you. Watching them grow so fast and healthy is so rewarding. As far as troubles with my milk supply, I have none. I’ve had a great supply thanks to Making Mammas Milk Lactating Cookies ! I don’t have to worry about not producing enough. For now I’m producing more then he is intaking, talk about a huge blessing. I’ve also always been low on Iron, since eating these cookies my iron levels have gone and I no longer have to take iron pills. I’m beyond happy and very greatful to GOD for allowing me to be able to give my son the best of me. Thank you to Dori as well for producing such an amazing cookie. You the bomb !!

This is one of my favorite pictures of little Edward and I, this is how we sleep every-night. He was done nursing, I fell asleep and my daughter snapped this picture. Excuse my tired face 🙂 this mama needs more sleep. Cant get over his cute little face smiling away…

SewFatty: Breastfeeding Update on my little Edward

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Mamas got a brand new Babe Giveaway !! #Mamasbabe

For the past few months I’ve been working together with Kassandra of Going Green with the Grizls to put together a fantastic GRAND PRIZE for the Mama’s Got a Brand New Babe Giveaway event celebrating new parents and new babies. Now it’s time for your chance to get in on the PRIZES!

Grand Prize #1 {RV: $402.40}

Matching Beanie & Diaper Cover set from Two Brother Blankets {$25}
Luxurious Bamboo Robe from Sassimi {$70}
Set of Mama Cloth from Pampered Mama {$29.50} {REVIEW}
Maternity Bra from Majamas {$37}
$25 GC from Upa Lala {$25}
Custom Wipes Case from B’s Boutique {$15}
Postpartum Mama Cloth, Wet Bag & Nursing Pads set from Orgo Pads {$32} {REVIEW}
Delicious Sample Box of Yummy Mummy Lactation Cookies {REVIEW}
Siliconies Egg Pendant and Bangle from Family Bedrock {$25.90} {REVIEW}
ZIPaboo {$36}
Custom One Size Diaper from Ladybird Cloth Diapers {$22}
6-in-1 Baby Blanket & Cover from Babee Covee {40}
Custom Cloth Diaper from Jelly Bean Baby {$15}Mama & Baby Amber set from Gumstone {$40}

Grand Prize #2 {RV: $340.27}

Cute Chevron Burp Cloths from Kribbe Handmade {$24}{REVIEW}
Set of Mama Cloth from Eco-Owl by Netta {$30} {REVIEW}
Baby Bean Bag {$149.99}
Mama Cloth Bundle Pack from Environmenstrual Modern Cloth Pads {$35.35}{REVIEW}
$25 GC to Happy Little Llama {$25}
Sporty Maternity Bra from Majamas {$37}
Diaper Rash & Thrush Cream from Motherlove {$9.95}
Nighty Night Nursing Light from Busy Mom Boutique {$20} {REVIEW}
Woombie Swaddle Outfit {$26.99}
12 Pack of Fruit Bars from That’s It Fruit {$19.99}
Taggy Lovey blanket from Phants E Pants {$12}Sbish Fitted Cloth Diaper from Dearest Diapers {$39.00}

Don’t forget that along with all these great prizes, we will be hosting a Twitter Party on May 9th from 9-10 PM EST to wrap up the event. We will be announcing the winners of the two grand prizes and there will be over $500 in party exclusive prizes including:

Nipple Soother and Mama Belly Cream from BALM Baby
Tini Fit Tots Bots Cloth Diaper from Bummis {REVIEW}
Mama Cloth Set from Domino Pads
Diaper Safari Cover and Tri-Fold Inserts from Diaper Safari {REVIEW}
Hoodie from Daddy Scrubs
TWO Boba Wraps from Boba Family {REVIEW}{REVIEW}
Best Bottom Diaper Cover and Hemp Inserts from Nicki’s Diapers {REVIEW}
$25 GC from Bamboobies
TWO Gift Certificates for a 30 Day Lactation Cookie Supply from Making Mama’s Milk {REVIEW}
Amber Baby Teething Necklace from Teething Tots
Buncha Farmers Stain Sticks
Little Comfort Popeazy All in Two Bamboo Diaper from Joyful Giraffe
Babee Greens Wool Soaker from Kissed by the Moon
Any Gen-Y cover from Gen-Y {REVIEW}
10 Day Starter Pack from MilkMakers {REVIEW}
Hashtag: #MamasBabe
Hosts: @GreenGrizls & @SewFatty

After you’ve entered to win the grand prizes, use the linky list below to hop around to all the other bloggers. Each blogger has their own giveaway worth a minimum of $25.

Enter below using the rafflecopter form. The first entry is mandatory and then the rest of the entries are optional, but will greatly increase your chances of winning!

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