Life Happens…

These days I  feel as though I can’t catch a break anywhere. There is not enough time in a day to get it all done. I feel exhausted, running on ‘zero’ sleep, I feel like ever day for me is a catch up day. My vision is to have a clean house all the time, and just be able to sit down and relax every once in a while, but it’s the total opposite. Cleaning and chorus is honestly a never-ending story there is always something to be washed or cleaned. My mom has this saying in spanish ” que la casa, se caiga pero tu descansa” translation “let the house be, and get some rest”. I find that very hard to do, because I do not like seeing the house dirty. Whenever bam bam or Edward are asleep and I have “free time”, I find myself  trying to catch up with the house, but I never just sit. So a few days ago, I was listening to a christian song and realized that I need to calm down, relax and enjoy things at the moment. In life we have seasons, my season right now is caring for my little munchkins {we will of course do this for the rest of our lives. What I mean by this is, having to nurse Edward, cuddling with them, making breakfast – you know! all the mommy things} In due time my life will change, the kids will make their own food, the house will finally stay clean, and I’ll finally have some ‘ME’ time. In the mean time I need to enjoy the beautiful moments with my munchkins, life happens to quickly and  I will not be able to re-live them again.

So, if you find yourself feeling this way. I have a few words for you. Take it easy, relax, housework is a never-ending story {it’s totally overrated 🙂  haha} and enjoy living in the moment. 

YOLO !!! 

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