Making the Switch to Cloth Pads !

SewFatty: Making the switch to cloth pads

Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pads

A couple of weeks before finding out I was pregnant I was considering making the switch to something more eco-friendly. I’ve always used disposable pads, I tried a tampon once and swore to never again use it. It felt uncomfortable and just not for me. I tried the lunette cup and even though I believe it’s a great alternative to tampons and works great for so many woman, it’s just not for me. I’m a pad girl !! So I figured since i’m already using cloth for my son’s why not use cloth for myself?

After much thought and researching I have made the decision to make the switch to cloth pads. I have a small stash of Gem Cloth, Eco Owl, and a few other brands that I will be reviewing. Again I’m totally new to this and not quite sure what materials, styles, I will prefer but I’m totally excited about it. Just like my son has cute awesome prints, I too will have my cute stash. (I’m a total dork, sorry)


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