Mamajamas Nursing Bra Review #MamasBabe

Sewfatty : Majamas Sporty Bra in Stained Glass Review

I’m on a breastfeeding mission as you all may know. So having a comfortable nursing bra is definitely a ‘MUST HAVE’ essential. Majamas sent me their sporty nursing bra in Stained Glass. It has the sports bra look, but has the comfort of a seamless bra.The materials used are very soft against the skin, it offers support without the pain in your shoulders from a sports bra that are too tight. (If you wear a sports then you may know what I’m talking about.)

Sewfatty : Majamas Sporty Bra in Stained Glass Review

Majamas Shell: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex | Lining: 100% Recycled Polyester with Wicking.

The Majamas bra has removable padding for shape and added support, the lining is 100% recycled with moisture  wicking. They have amazing prints to choose from making it a great look with tank tops. I was a bit worried about the look with removable padding, since in the past I did not like the look. Much to my surprise the Majamas padding is not at all noticeable and looks great with regular t-shirts or blouses. This bra has been my go to favorite bra without even nursing, so I know for a fact once I my little Edward arrives it will be just the same. This bra is currently in my hospital bag ready to go. Overall I love my majamas Sporty bra it offers a great look, comfortability, along with great access for nursing. I also received a Majamas Bag which is actually made from excess production fabric it is such a awesome gift bag. I am currently using it to store my Majamas bra.

Majamas has different styles of bras to accommodate every woman. Their size range are from a A-G cup size which is a great range, being that it can very hard to find your size in stores. Majamas offers maternity, nursing, baby, lounge wear in their boutique be sure to check out their website. I would totally recommend this bra to friends and family and of course my awesome readers.

Majamas will be giving away one of these amazing bra’s for our “Mamas got a brand new babe Event” be sure to come back.


Have you ever tried one of Majamas bra’s ?

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My Baby Bump Journal – 38 weeks

Sewfatty: 38weeks pregnant www.sewfatty baby bump journal

38 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like I’m going to pop any day now. I never experienced Braxton Hicks with my first or second pregnancy and with this pregnancy I have totally experienced my share of these contractions. Just last night I was not able to sleep much because of the pain they weren’t just contraction like pain, but also pain in my ankles bones. No fun! I weigh 183 WOW, I’m totally huge. I have an appointment with my nurse on tomorrow. Last week was a scare, my doctor told me I was positive for Group B Strep Infection. I felt horrible I’ve never experienced this before so I felt like a horrible mother, after talking to my amazing friends online. They all reassured me that either they had dealt with it in their pregnancy or know of someone and everything would okay, it was nothing I did, which put me at ease. I’ve been getting babies clothes, cloth diapers organized just in case he makes an early appearance. My mom is set to come on April 7th but my dad might end up just driving her here on his working diesel truck. My MIL and SIL are also set to come around the 10th so we will have a full house. I will be delivering the baby in Corpus Christi which is about 40 miles away from where we live so I have everything packed and ready to go. I also had planned to cloth diaper lil edward at the hospital, but I want to make everyone’s life easy so I plan to use sposies while at the hospital and once we get home cloth diapering him. I don’t want to haul with dirty diapers, I also don’t trust anyone else doing my diaper laundry. So that’s the plan for now… I will keep you all updated as the time is very soon to arrive.

Stay tuned……. Due Date is April 10

When do you think lil edward will make an appearance ??

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NEW – Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow Review

Being pregnant is such an amazing time for a woman. However it’s not always fun, there is many things going on with your body, weight, comfortability. That you find yourself trying different ways to make yourself comfortable while sitting or even sleeping. So what is a mom to do in this situation? get herself a Boppy custom fit total body pillow.


What is a maternity body pillow? It is a big pillow made to support a pregnant woman’s body. To alleviate any pressure or soreness and to support the areas that a normal pillow neglects for (ex. support where your belly rests) during pregnancy there is so only so many positions you can sleep it’s either your right side or left side that being said if you have support,those two positions will not seem so bad after all.


Boppy released their newly designed Boppy® Custom Fit Total Body Pillow was developed with a physical therapistto provide customized support throughout your pregnancy.  The flexible, three-piece design means you can use the combination that works best for you.  Choose from: Head/Neck Support, Belly/Back Support, and Hip/Leg/Ankle Support. Extended length design provides support all the way down to your ankles, alleviating strain on hips.

I am really enjoying my new pillow it is not a stiff pillow, it’s also not really soft to where the pillow is just all over the place. It’s just right. I do love the three-piece pillow for the simple fact that you detach whenever you are not wanting bpbeither to top or bottom piece. I have been using my pillow like the picture shown here, I get really bad back pains and my pillow has really helped me with that. There was a couple of things I would change the velcro to attach the pieces together sometimes detaches so it bothers me some nights when it comes undone. I do love that it is machine washable and there would be three different pieces to wash versus one big one which would be harder to wash. Overall I am enjoying my body pillow and I would definitely recommend it to a pregnant/non pregnant woman who have a hard time sleeping.

 Did you or Do you use a maternity body pillow?? How do you like yours??

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