Loving my Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pads #PLS


Sizes Available: 7 Sizes  

Topped: Organic Bamboo Velour | Minkee | Bamboo Fleece

Inner Core (absorbent layers):  layers are made of bamboo fleece

Backing (waterproof layer):  PLS pads are backed with water Resistant Windpro Fleece

Extras: All pads are wing style and are fastened with a quality poly-resin snap

Absorbency: I used my PLS pads after a month of not getting my period, due to still breastfeeding so my period was a bit heavier then other months. PLS had me covered I did not leak once. I did however change my cloth pad every time I went to the restroom. The flow went right down on the center of my pad, that just shows to prove its an awesome pad to me. I have a few other pads that the flow goes down to the wings, but that did not happen with my PLS. 

Workmanship : Sue uses nothing but the very best fabric materials for her pads. These pads are made with lots of love and attention to detail. They are high quality pads in every way. 

How may you ask? Fabric materials used are high quality (bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, minky, wind pro fleece), lots of LOVE!!! 

Style|Fit : Pink Lemonade cloth pads are rounded  front and back. The fit is great, after you figure out what size works best for you. I notice, I like longer pads I feel more covered that way. Really just depends on what you like and what fits your body frame. Also should I mention that I wore my pads with tight leggins and you could not notice them 🙂 

Still wondering how to wear cloth pads ?? Click here to read more..

My Stats:

26 years old| 160 lbs | 5’5

Normally I am heavy first 2-3 days and after that it becomes lighter.

Overall: I am completely in love with my Pink Lemonade Pads. I currently have 7 of their pads, and cannot wait to add more to my stash. I am currently still breastfeeding my son, so there are some months I do not get my period, but when I do. I love using my PLS pads. The quality and workmanship of these pads is just amazing. Not to mention Sue whom is a sweetheart and her Assistant Alex. They offer such a great customer service, which to me, is key to a successful business. Sue offers an array of pattern choices, I think thats the hardest part in choosing 🙂 These pads are totally affordable, and Sue is always offering discounts on her pads. Making it easy for you to build a stash. You will not be disappointed. 

Care Instructions : (Pink Lemonade Shop Recommendation)

Rinse in cold water after use.
Toss in your laundry basket or wetbag until washing day.
Wash and tumble dry in Warm or Cool temperature water and dry cycle.

Please avoid:
Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener
The ‘Sanitize Cycle’ on your washing machine, if it has one.

** Psst…. Every wednesday Pink Lemonade does a “Brandi’s Pick” which is when PLS staff member Brandi, chooses the fabrics and sizing and they put that set together and discount it for the day!! 


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Cloth Pads {Part 2 }

What do I need in order to start using cloth pads ?

  1. Cloth pads 🙂
  2. bins, basket, drawers to store your cloth pads.
  3. Wet bag (you’ll use this to store your dirty pads), mini wet bag (for on the go).
  4. Eco-Friendly detergent ( perferably one that is natural, to maintain maximum absorbency, most importantly to avoid build up. ) * I use Rockin Green but really want to try their Cloth Pad detergent Rockin Green Femme Rock 
  5. Buncha Farm Stick helps with stains.

 Which size and style of cloth pad is best for me?

Keep in mind that every woman is different, what works for you may not work for others.  The best way to find your ideal cloth pad is to try a sampling of pads from several companies before purchasing your entire stash. The size of the pad will also affect how they fit and wear. You should also try different lengths, I’ve recently tried this and found it very helpful. Just when I thought I found the right size, I found another size that works best for light and heavy days. 

How often will I need to change my cloth pad?
 Well this really depends on a few things, your menstrual flow, the fabric and style your wearing, your clothes. So It’s hard to say exactly. I like to change my cloth pad every time I go to the restroom, unless i’m on my light days and I have a clean pad, then I don’t. 

How will I use cloth pads while on the go?

You’ll carry your little mini wet bag with you into the restroom, inside you will have another cloth pad ready to use. You can store pls2the the dirty cloth pad with the absorbent side face up, simply fold in the top and bottom and snap the wings together. Your pad will stay safe and clean until you wash it. This is also a great way to carry your clean pads. 

Some may think that a pad must be rinsed as soon it’s taken off. I found that it is unnecessary to rinse right after. It’s perfectly okay to wash your pads whenever you happen to do laundry, even if that’s several days later.

How do you put a cloth pad on?


How do I know what size to choose ? How do you determine if its a good fit for you?

Cloth pads are such a personal preference accessory that only you can know what’s best for you. Starting out with cloth pads can be super exciting – like seriously.  My recommendation is trying out a few different sizes  like the ones Pink Lemonade has to offer and going from there and determine what size fits best and which one’s don’t. 

I’m so happy I made the switch over to cloth pads, it saves me money but most importunely. My cramping has subsided so much, compared to when I was using disposables. If you have not made the switch just yet, I challenge you to try it. Seriously you won’t want to go back to disposables. 

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