Zookaboo Newborn Cover Review #MamasBabe

SewFatty Zookaboo Newborn Cover Review / www.sewfatty.com

SewFatty Zookaboo Newborn Cover Review / www.sewfatty.com

 Zookaboo (formly Zookies then Zookiescrafts) is owned by WAHM Michele Zook. Totally amazing woman who makes super cute diaper covers, blankets, shirts, bibs and so much more. I have reviewed her medium diaper cover in the past on my lil bam bam and completely fell in love with it. This time around I reviewed her newly named Zookabum tiny diaper cover.

Let’s talk sushi ? 

sewfatty: sushi zookabum diaper cover review www.sewfatty.com

Zookabum Details : 

  • Fabric choice is a gorgeous Silly Sushi
  • This is a size XS which fits babies from 7-10 lbs and has a 13″rise.
  • The cover has a double row of crossover snaps and is bound with a soft, white fold over elastic.
  • Diaper cover closures are Snaps or Aplix (the one I chose is snaps)

Little Edward’s Stats:

  • 7lbs 7oz at birth currently 7lbs 11oz
  • Skinny legs.
  • currently I would consider him somewhat of a heavy wetter.
  • worn over umbilical cord and cordless

Handmade diaper cover can be used over any prefold, fitted cloth diaper. It can also be used alone as a swim diaper and it would actually be quite comfortable since the sticky pul is facing outward and the soft side is facing inward. The outer layer is 100% cotton print (you choose from the many fabric selection she has).

sewfatty: sushi zookabum diaper cover review www.sewfatty.com

Fit: I have to say our Zookabum covers have been on the bum a lot these days. These covers have a great fit and are snug around my lil Edward’s tiny legs. I tried other covers on him and I just cant seem to get a good fit, they are still too big and leave gaps. Which has caused me wet onesis and more diaper changes. No fun! The fit is so awesome at this stage that I just purchased 2 more covers. Cloth diapering a newborn has been a challenge didn’t think I would have any trouble doing so, but I have. I have used these covers with prefolds, fitteds and just lay in inserts. All work amazing, no leaks and great fit and so many whimsical prints to choose from which honestly is the hardest part. What more can I ask for?  Zookabum is definitely a ‘Must Have’ cover for newborns hands down!!

Care Instruction: Machine wash cold or warm; line dry is recommended to extend the life of the cover. Recommend one dryer cycle to seal any holes made in PUL while sewing.

SewFatty Zookaboo Newborn Cover Review / www.sewfatty.com

We love our Zookaboo covers so much I just recently purchased another cover for my lil edward in a SewFatty Zookaboo Newborn Cover Review / www.sewfatty.commustache print, and I couldnt help myself today from adding two more covers.  Michele has so many amazing fabric choices it’s a bit hard to just choose one. The diaper covers are made with great detail the fold over elastic is nice and snug and wraps over babies legs nicely without leaving red marks. I love our Zookabum’s I will be adding more to my stash as lil edward grows. Also did I mention that she is always having amazing SALE’s so be sure to check her out.

Have you tried Zookaboo covers yet? 

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Welcome to the world my little Edward !!

Edward Ayzik 

Sewfatty: Edward is here !! www.sewfatty.com

Born 4/8/2013 at  4:30pm 7lbs 7oz. 20inches long 

9 hours in labor, 1 contraction 2 1/2 pushes later we welcomed Edward Ayzik to the world!! As soon as he cried it was as though I was hearing Adryana or Ashton cry. I was crying of happiness and joy and just so grateful for a heathly baby. God has given me yet another blessing. We stayed at the hospital for 24 hours we were then discharged. My parents were in town but I told them it would be best if they stayed home since they had the Adryana, Ashton and my nephew Chris and we all know hospitals are no fun. I didn’t want them getting fussy and not sure if my dad could’ve handled all three 🙂 My mom did feel bad for not being there for the birth. At the time I just wanted to make sure Ashton and Chris where good they are younger and get restless. I was happy to come home to my munchkins I missed them so much.


Sewfatty: Edward is here !! www.sewfatty.com

My mother, Adryana, little Edward

Sewfatty: Edward is here !! www.sewfatty.com

Sewfatty: Edward is here !! www.sewfatty.com

more pics coming soon..

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My Baby Bump Journal – 33 weeks

I’m 33 weeks Pregnant !!

33 weeks
Wow baby is growing and I can definitely feel it. He is very active lil man, feeling my lil baby boy’s movement is something so amazing words can not describe how amazing that is. At the same time it can be very painful I feel out of breath at times 🙂 My hands and feet and even face feel swollen. I’m walking around like a total pregnant lady.. lol my daughter asks me “why are you walking like that”? As if I were to be doing it on purpose 🙂 I am slowly getting things ready for our new lil boy! I can’t wait to see him and hold him in my arms. I still find it just so amazing that you love this little person inside you so much yet you’ve never even met them. God is amazing. Can’t wait for Adryana and Ashton to meet their little brother. That being said I’m a bit unsure how I will handle 3 kids it just seems a bit hard right now. I’m sure once I have him here we will all adjust to change; I mean we are human being and we just adjust! I know one thing for sure I will be one busy mama !! I’m so excited about having two boys especially since they wont be too far apart in age. I recently got them both sock monkey matching hats, my lil adry will also have one to match her brothers. Are these cute or what?? I will be posting my newborn stash soon, still waiting on a few things. I am enjoying this pregnancy it has gone by way too fast that’s for sure. I feel as though I just announced I was pregnant like yesterday!! That’s it for now I feel great, not sure of my weight right now but hey who’s counting 😉


Are you pregnant how are you feeling??

If not pregnant how did you feel at this stage in your pregnancy??

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