Domino Cloth Pads Review

SewFatty: Review on the Amazing Domino Cloth Pads My addiction for cloth pads has grown. I want to try all the cloth pads out there. {he he} Seriously I wish I had done the switch way soon. I believe if you have the right cloth pads, it truly just makes everything so much easier. Karin owner of Domino Pads sent over her Variety Pack of Regular size pads. I fell in love the moment I touched them. They were so soft and the color swatches are just so beautiful. I still couldn’t believe I would actually use these as menstrual pads. I was beyond impressed. Let’s talk Domino Pads Fun Facts. 


Sizes Available: 7 Sizes and 5 Absorbency Levels 

Topped: Organic Bamboo Velour | Minkee

Inner Core (absorbent layers): All of the soaker layers are made of various bamboo blend fabricdomnio

Domino Pads also use a color coded to determine absorbency. They are also serged with a cozy soft Woolly Nylon thread for our comfort.

Blue= Light Absorbency

Yellow = Medium Absorbency

Natural = Heavy Absorbency

Backing (waterproof layer):  Domino pads use leak-resistant Windpro Fleece.

Extras: Snap closure and care instructions on the back of each pad { reminder of how to care for them}


Absorbency: I used my Domino Pads right after having my son, so as many of you may know your period sometimes (not all the time) is heavy right after having a little one. In my case it was heavy. I used the heavy pad during day and night and it worked amazing, no leaks. The way it conforms to your body is amazing, the materials used I believe helps with that. The pad is very soft even though it is considered heavy, its not bulky, it’s actually quite thin. I used the heavy day pad for about 4-5 hours on one night without getting up and it lasted that long without any leaks. So in my book, that is pretty amazing !! The regular pad was also great, after my flow slowed down my experience with the pads where just as amazing, no leaks, no shifting no problems. The liner is my best friend these days since I do not have a period I use liners and these are just as great. I sometimes forget I have a pad on, that’s how great these are.

Workmanship : Domino pads are unlike any of the pads I have (don’t get me wrong, I love all my other pads) they are just hard to compare to. They are high quality pads in every way. How may you ask? Well the materials used are high quality, they have branding instructions, they are sealed and ready to go. They are the (store bought) kind, if that makes sense.

Style|Fit : The Domino Pad style has a flare in the front and back. The fit of these pads is great the flare of the pad makes it have the extra coverage which helps with nights and naps when our flow tends to rise up (if you know what I mean ?) So to have that extra coverage is awesome, prevents accidents. Also the materials against your skin are soft and not irritant.

My Stats:

25 years old| 160 lbs | 5’5

Heavy after postpartum.

Normally I am heavy first 2-3 days and after that it becomes lighter.

Overall: I love my Domino cloth pads I have these three in my stash and will be adding some more very soon. I am still waiting on my period to come to be able to enjoy these babies again. I am currently breastfeeding my son, so I guess when you breastfeed your period is non-exsistant 🙂 which I am totally okay with, I will have a period for the rest of my life, so I will definitely enjoy these months without it. Domino Pads are definitely on my “To Buy List”. The quality and workmanship of these pads are just flawless. You will not be disappointed. I used the Earth Mama Angel – Mama Balm and New Mama Bottom Spray with my pads and I experienced no build up nor stains on my pads. For future reference, if you need to use these balms for postpartum reason, like in my case episiotomy, the balm or spray will NOT harm your pads. Another feature I love is that they are not at all noticeable, they are comfy and conform to you body. These cloth pads are a little more on the higher priced pads but I believe you do get what you pay for making it worth the price. Domino pad topper fabrics are hand dye which makes a beautiful camouflage pattern for any stains if you you have any. Your package will come sealed with a care instructions. 

Care Instructions : (Recommended by Domino Pads)

Cold rinse before washing may keep stains from setting | wash on medium (105 degrees Fahrenheit/ 40 degrees Celsius) or below | Avoid fabric softeners | Do not use bleach | A detergent with less residue building ingredients will ensure maximum absorbency | Dry on low

You can purchase some of your own Domino Pads through their Website or on Amazon



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