My Baby Bump Journal – 38 weeks

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38 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like I’m going to pop any day now. I never experienced Braxton Hicks with my first or second pregnancy and with this pregnancy I have totally experienced my share of these contractions. Just last night I was not able to sleep much because of the pain they weren’t just contraction like pain, but also pain in my ankles bones. No fun! I weigh 183 WOW, I’m totally huge. I have an appointment with my nurse on tomorrow. Last week was a scare, my doctor told me I was positive for Group B Strep Infection. I felt horrible I’ve never experienced this before so I felt like a horrible mother, after talking to my amazing friends online. They all reassured me that either they had dealt with it in their pregnancy or know of someone and everything would okay, it was nothing I did, which put me at ease. I’ve been getting babies clothes, cloth diapers organized just in case he makes an early appearance. My mom is set to come on April 7th but my dad might end up just driving her here on his working diesel truck. My MIL and SIL are also set to come around the 10th so we will have a full house. I will be delivering the baby in Corpus Christi which is about 40 miles away from where we live so I have everything packed and ready to go. I also had planned to cloth diaper lil edward at the hospital, but I want to make everyone’s life easy so I plan to use sposies while at the hospital and once we get home cloth diapering him. I don’t want to haul with dirty diapers, I also don’t trust anyone else doing my diaper laundry. So that’s the plan for now… I will keep you all updated as the time is very soon to arrive.

Stay tuned……. Due Date is April 10

When do you think lil edward will make an appearance ??

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My Baby Bump Journal – 33 weeks

I’m 33 weeks Pregnant !!

33 weeks
Wow baby is growing and I can definitely feel it. He is very active lil man, feeling my lil baby boy’s movement is something so amazing words can not describe how amazing that is. At the same time it can be very painful I feel out of breath at times 🙂 My hands and feet and even face feel swollen. I’m walking around like a total pregnant lady.. lol my daughter asks me “why are you walking like that”? As if I were to be doing it on purpose 🙂 I am slowly getting things ready for our new lil boy! I can’t wait to see him and hold him in my arms. I still find it just so amazing that you love this little person inside you so much yet you’ve never even met them. God is amazing. Can’t wait for Adryana and Ashton to meet their little brother. That being said I’m a bit unsure how I will handle 3 kids it just seems a bit hard right now. I’m sure once I have him here we will all adjust to change; I mean we are human being and we just adjust! I know one thing for sure I will be one busy mama !! I’m so excited about having two boys especially since they wont be too far apart in age. I recently got them both sock monkey matching hats, my lil adry will also have one to match her brothers. Are these cute or what?? I will be posting my newborn stash soon, still waiting on a few things. I am enjoying this pregnancy it has gone by way too fast that’s for sure. I feel as though I just announced I was pregnant like yesterday!! That’s it for now I feel great, not sure of my weight right now but hey who’s counting 😉


Are you pregnant how are you feeling??

If not pregnant how did you feel at this stage in your pregnancy??

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Cake Lingerie Review


Who said’s you cant look sexy while pregnant or breastfeeding?

I know that I have some insecurities because I’m always just in “comfy” clothes or sports bras. I do like to get ready and look nice and sexy for my husband but I also like to be comfortable since anything too tight is not comfortable for me since I have my tummy that keeps on growing. Cake Lingerie allows that to happen I feel sexy and comfortable with their line.

Cake Lingerie is a line for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies.That allows for woman to feel sexy yet sophisticated That allows for woman to feel sexy yet sophisticated and comfortable while growing in your pregnancy and or breastfeeding.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.46.17 PM
I was fortunate to review their Dark Toffee Convertible Nursing Bra it’s a light foam, contour cup, convertible black bra. The smooth texture of the bra makes it perfect to be worn under anything. The bra has a beautiful floral print lining. It has a 3-way functionality which is amazing for comfort and versatility. My package came in and I will just say that Cake Lingerie is “THE BOMB” I was very impressed it came in this beautiful drawstring bag.


As far as sizing I chose a 38D I’m normally a C or D depending on the brand. I think I should’ve got a cup size bigger just because when the milk comes in normally your breast engorge I didn’t take that into consideration. So learn from me 🙂 I absolutely love the fit of my bra and underwear super comfy yet I feel great about myself and I don’t look frumpy. I am very satisfied with my lingerie set that I will be purchasing more before baby comes I would totally recommend Cake Lingerie to any pregnant or breastfeeding mama. Though I do plan to wear this bra even after nursing 🙂 So be sure to check out Cake Lingerie take the survey to get a great size and if expecting just make sure you account for when you start to get your breast milk in.



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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine. What works for me might not work for you.


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