Loving my new home decor by Pen & Paint

As many of you may know, we recently moved from Texas to San Diego, CA. One thing, I was super excited about moving was re-decorating OUR NEW home. I’m still so far from being done, but we all start somewhere – right? 

Pen+Paint Review and Giveaway

Lindsay over at Pen & Paint sent me this beautiful “Ohana means family. We are forever Family.” {In Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family}. I love this print so much. It means so much to me, our current home ; is truly amazing. My husband and I have had a tough 3-5 years. So, to be able to stand here today and say this; is a total blessing. This print is everything, our home stands for. I am completely in love with it. I also added two other photos of our Hawaii trip together with my new Pen & Paint Print. Thinking of getting white frames, what do you think? mehhhh… yay or nay? 

Pen+Paint Review and Giveaway

Lindsay, has so many amazing prints to choose from. They come nicely packaged, with lots of love. I have ordered from Lindsay in the past and bought a ornament, around the christmas season. I was truly impressed by her talent, craftsmanship, and just so much love she put’s into her work. I truly admire her work, and enjoy looking at her life through photos on Instagram. Where she updates on sales, news, and so much more, be sure to check her out. I will be posting a updated look at my home soon, one I get new frames and more added on to my walls. So, be sure to stick around for some more house fun.

Here are a few favorite prints, I plan to buy very soon for the house. They are bright and happy, exactly what I want to fill the house with. Are they not the cutest? Pen+Paint Review and Giveaway


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Pen+Paint Review and Giveaway

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Lindsay is giving away a $20 gift certificate to her shop, to one of my amazing readers.

Is she, not the most awesome person?

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on July.23, 2014.

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I have a new hobby !!

Cross Stitch has always been a hobby i’ve wanted to try out. A few months ago my great friend netta sent me my very first cross stitch projec. Which included everything I would need to start my project, she even started the big heart for me that way I had some sort of idea on what to do. I seen the pattern and thought ‘OMG’ this is the cutest!! Only bad thing is [what now]. So I set it aside because I was a bit intimidated by it, not to mention mommy duties are never ending. By now.. this project has sat in my sewing room one, too, many months. I wanted to get started on it, even if it meant [ messing it up]. After all that is how you learn! Right?? Much to my surprise I went for it and let me just say, its been such a fun hobby, its very relaxing, therapeutic if you will. I will say that I did mess up and counted wrong and did have to redo a whole line & that was okay. I’m learning its been so fun stitching away… here is what i’m working on.

It is a Kawaii Peanut Butter and Jam by Weelittlestitches 

I love cross stitching




Do you Cross Stitch ?? If so,

How do you organize your projects? 




Sometimes you just gotta do it.. don’t let small stuff hold you back. 


Thank you Netta 

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Wordless Wednesday –
My First Newborn Cloth Diaper


Last weekend I sewed my very own Newborn Cloth Diaper. My friend Kassandra over at Going Green With The Grizls was also doing the same thing. We pretty much chatted all weekend over newborn diapers and sharing tips on how to improve my sewing he he.. I have to say I love sewing newborn diapers it is fun and relaxing. When it comes to the elastic I have to say its not the easiest it’s a bit tricky but I will keep on practicing till I perfect it. I have some amazing fabric coming my way and I am super excited !!! Stay tuned for more newborn fluff.

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