Capture the special moments.

Aside from sewing, crafting and being a wife and mom. I love photography. It’s something I love and would love to be better at. That being said, I take many. No sorry. Tons of photos. I love capturing photos of my family. My kids are my favorite! They totally hate me for it. However, I know one day they’ll look back on these photos and appreciate me capturing the moment. A moment we will never be able to re-live, except in memory. 

For this reason is why I love taking photos. My phone has just been upgraded from 50GB to 200GB on my iCloud because of the fact that my iPhone will not allow me to take anymore photos, it’s reached its capacity. 
I’ve made it my goal, to print out all my photos. There is no point in having this many photos and not have any printed. Life is busy and we sometimes delete these important pictures or loose USB drives. So I’ve made it my goal to print out as many photos a month as I can afford. 
I used Shutterfly to print out some of these beautiful memories. These are pictures of when my nephew was months old and is now 6 years old. I am well overdue on these prints. Shutterfly is amazing, affordable and offer a variety of items to keep those special moments alive.
As for me, I am a bargain shopper and i’m always looking for ways to save. So here is a special offer. If you purchase any Stonyfield YoBaby or YoTot yogurt 6-pack and you’ll be able to enjoy $20 off your order at  (the offer ends February 29, 2016 – the offer is only good for 1 per household)
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