Stonyfield Whole Milk Smoothies

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I am super excited to share the newest Stonyfield product – whole milk smoothies. These smoothies have less sugar than their original smoothies, with with the same great taste. They have 6 grams of proteins, along with 6 live active cultures, vitamin A, D, and calcium.

They come in Peach or Strawberry and they’re both super delish. They are perfect for “on-the-go” sometimes I’m running errands and don’t have quite enough time to make something to eat. I grab one of these smoothies and it holds me up from being hungry. Not to mention the kids absolutely love these smoothies, if it wasn’t for me putting a limit to the smoothies they drank. I wouldn’t have any by the end of the day. hehe. I’ve also been adding one to my daughter’s lunch, and she loves them. 

In the summer time, I want to make some yogurt pops. I made those last year and they were a big hit! 

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Post- Workout Yogurt with Stonyfield & Barlean’s

I love me a good post-workout snack before I eat my last meal of the day. I mix it up and sometimes have a protein shake, or bar, or sometimes I prefer a yogurt. I was recently introduced to Barlean’s brand. I have fallen in love with it. I love to combine this stuff in almost everything I eat. 

I’ve been sprinkling some Flax ยท Chia ยท Coconut Organic Blend onto on of my favorite Stonyfield yogurts !! Can you guess which is my fav ??

Yes!! Organic Greek Whole Milk – Strawberry. It’s my absolute favorite. Then, you add this omega-3 … & boom.. just blows it out the water. It’s a very refreshing snack with some power boost and super filling. This is my go-to snack for any time, including my post-workout

Stonyfield & Barlean's


Why do I love Barlean’s ? 


They are organic supplements that actually taste good and that I can add them to my food without, cringing. The Omega Swirl’s are amazing to just take your daily shot’s of them in the am, which is normally when I take them. I’ve also used them on morning shakes. So there is more than just one way to drink them.  The seeds, I like to sprinkle them on whatever i’m eating. Whether it’s chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans… really anything. They add such a great boost and I know they are great for me and my health. 

Overall, I love Barlean’s. I like their mission statement and their products speak for itself. We need to care for our health, if we don’t. Then who will ? My family from both sides of my parents, suffer from diabetes. That is something I never want to have. Here is to more Barlean’s in my cupboards ๐Ÿ™‚
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Get them Gainz with #Stonyfield Organic Protein Smoothie #stonyfieldblogger

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. 

As many of you may know, I love to workout. I’ve been out of the gym due to an injury. However, I am back at it again. It feels so good to be back in the gym. That being said, i’ve learned that in order to accomplish your fitness goals. It all comes down to what you consume and what you fuel your body with. It beaks down to 80% food (body’s fuel) and 20%  gym time. What you put into your body is the key to your fitness journey. 

Stonyfield Organic Protein Shake

Stonyfield came out with these NEW amazing Organic Protein Smoothies. Each drink has 15 grams of protein they come in three different flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. They’re all delicious, my hubby took some to work as well. He had great things to say about them. “They’re pretty freaken good”, “don’t drink the last one” hehe.  Stonyfield Protein drinks are organic they are GMO free, pesticide free, hormone free, antibiotic free, and free of artificial sweetners. They’re made of all good stuff. You really can’t go wrong them. Normally, my hubby and I make our protein shakes, {powder+ water}. These on-the-go drinks are so perfect for busy parents, fitness go-ers. I really do love these protein smoothies. Overall, hubby and I completely loved these protein shakes. They are rich, smooth, lots of flavor, super convenient. 

You can NOW search for products at your local store using Stonyfield Product Locator.   

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