Tommee Tippee Easi Mat & Feeding Bowls #tommeemommee #perfectgift

Tommee Tippee has got to be my favorite baby brand their quality is amazing and they are always designing such stuff for our little ones. I wanted to show you all one of my must have’s for all the parents out there. These items also make such great holiday gifts for anyone with little ones. 

Easi Mat : serves itself as a suction to hold down the feeding bowls. This prevents little ones from moving, throwing, tipping their bowl. Making meal time a bit less messy. Can I get an AMEN ?  🙂 

Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls : they are designed to have the spoon on top making it easy for on the go. They are also designed in a triangular shape to make scooping up food easier. How amazing are they ??

For these reasons, they’re some of my favorites. I have attached a mini video so you can see what I mean. 


Tommee Tippee Easi Mat.


Tommee Tippee


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Tommee Tippee comfi neck bib. #tommeemommee

Holiday’s are right around the corner. I have a few of my friends and family members that are currently pregnant or already had their bundle of joy. Finding the perfect gifts are always a must for me. I have my munchkins and through it all, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Not saying what worked for me will work for others, but they are items that I absolutely love. 

One of those items is the Tommee Tippee comfi bibs. The first thing that will stand out to you will be the softness of the material. They are made from two layers of cotton/polyester terry cloth (which is amazing because terry cloth is very absorbent). What makes this bib unique is that they had to study how babies drink/ eat and just know how to create a practical bib. The spongy ring along the neck of the bib has extra padding to catch any drool or spills while drinking or eating.

This spongy ring prevents that yummy (just kidding) smell under your babies neck as well as rashes. This bib is so practical and amazing. I absolutly love it and purchased a set for my cousin and my best friend.



Tommee Tippee




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#ParentOn with your bad self. hehe.

When I was pregnant with my first born. I took everyones advice and really just saved it and stashed it on my back pocket. As she was getting older I started to realize that what works for other parents, doesn’t mean its going to work for me. 

I had to learn how to do things my way, and even though they may not have seen great to others. It worked for me, and thats all that really mattered. Fast forward a few years later.. and two more kids to the record. I feel like I’ve got this under control. While I was pregnant with both boys, I received so much heat about our co-sleeping. Such as : 

“It’s not good for your baby” 

“Your baby will be spoiled and want to sleep with you forever”

“It will cause marital problems” 

I ignored them all and just did what worked for us. I breastfed my youngest and the only way I was able to get any sleep was laying down with him and nursing him. Again, it may not be something other moms do or did. But thats okay! This way worked for me and I was happy to get some sleep and be able to feed my baby. 

Do what works for you. Your Parenting skills were born the day your baby was. Us parents aren’t geniuses babies don’t care how bad we mess up. We just learn along the way. Thats how we become the parents we are today. I consider myself the worlds “okayiest mom” hehe… and always remember to #PARENTON 


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