7 Spots to Visit on Veterans Day in Washington, DC


 We recently went to Washington DC for a daycation. We’ve never been, so it was such an awesome experience. We were able to visit the Washington Monument, Holocaust Museum, White House. 
Washington, DC is home to many of the nation’s best monuments, a number of which celebrate those who served our country. What’s great about these places is that you can go visit them at no cost to you. The entrance is free, except the White House of course. I believe for that you need to put in an application to visit. However, we were able to snap a photo outside of it. 
We were not able to visit all of the monuments that day since it was pretty busy. ( I believe it may always be busy. hehe. the kids were tired since we had to walk everywhere because we parked our car inside a parking garage. The parking is not the best, but Washington, DC is such an amazing city. I fell in love with it. We will be visiting again soon and taking advantage of all of these memorials. 
You too can visit these awesome monuments on Veterans day and any other day. I promise you will leave feeling empowered and just grateful to be an American. I highly recommend for you to make a trip out to Washington DC. 
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Veteran’s Day

In honor of all who have served and are serving our country.

We give thanks for your sacrifice, because of you we can sleep at night.

Im honored to be a US Navy Wife & Sister, I am beyond proud of them.

Thank you Babe, Gordis I love you guys. 




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Happy Veteran’s Day !!!

Huge Thank You to all Military that have fought and are fighting for our Country, also for all the spouses and parents of a veteran its a hard job as well. Take the time to thank a Veteran and his/her family.

Proud to say that i’m a US Navy Wife and Sister.

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