Cloth Pads Questions & Answers

SewFatty: Question & Answers about Cloth Pads

I’ve been totally curious about cloth pads. I follow a Cloth Pad group on Facebook and had a few questions, I asked these ladies if they would so kindly help answer them and they did. These ladies are WAHM and have stores be sure to check them out. Below are the my questions and their responses. I asked these questions on a DIY point of view for those of you that would like to know what materials are used to make cloth pads. I hope that these questions and answers help you understand cloth pads a bit more.

  1. What made you want to use cloth pads vs. disposables?
  2. Did you make your own pattern? Buy a pattern ? Or use a Free printable?
  3. What materials do you like to use for your toppers?? (layer against your skin) and why??
  4. What material do you like best for absorbency? Why?
  5. Do you find that the absorbency in cloth and disposable are the same? Or better?
  6. What’s the difference between a cloth pad being topstitched or serged?? If there is any?
  7. Would you recommend cloth pads to teens?
  8. How long have you been sewing cloth pads?
  9. Does the shape of the cloth pad matter?? Make a difference?
  10. Is having channels in your cloth pads better?
  11. Could you provide a picture of the layers in order to show what’s inside the cloth pad ?  if you have different ones that would be great.
  12. How do you all recommend your pads to be washed? Do these ever need to get stripped?
  13. ***How many do you Recommend starting out with??
  14. Anything else you all would like to add that would be great.

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