Why to choose Organic ?

Being a parent, comes with many responsibilities. One being that you want to feed your kids the very best! 

Did you know that studies have shown that organic food is higher in nutrients than traditional food, organic produce is higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and the minerals calcium, iron, chromium, and magnesium.

Eating organically supports the growth of your children’s brains and bodies. Just like that say goes ” you are what you eat”. When choosing to eat organic you are helping your kid’s  bodies develop without the exposure to pesticides. Organic farming is the best solution to the problem.  When you buy organic it helps reduce pollution in our drinking water. 

I believe in living a more sustainable life style. I try my best to eat organically = healthy. Organic food tastes better in my opinion. You can grow your own crop and live off your won land and produce. You help support local farm businesses, also supports wildlife habitat. It’s just great for our earth. We need to protect and care for our earth, because if we don’t then who will? 

We’re moving to Pennsylvania and I. Can. Not. wait till we have our chicken coop and little goats and our own garden full of produce. I want to be able to live off my own land and live as simple and as healthy as we possibly can. I cannot wait for that day to come. Meanwhile I love that stores like Walmart nationwide are now carrying items like Stonyfield products. 

There are so many reason to why I love Stonyfeild. One of the reasons is because Stonyfield always has my munchkins in mind. 

Try Organic. I promise not only will it taste amazing but you’ll feel great about it. 




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